Enterprise network trends to watch

Enterprise network trends to watch

SD-WAN, hybrid cloud, hyperconvergence and IoT move from hyped to happening

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What's going to shake things up in 2018? IT pros will have their hands full with technologies that have been hyped for some time and are now ripe for adoption, including software-defined WAN, hybrid cloud computing, hyperconvergence, and Internet of Things. See below for our collection of enterprise picks, predictions and prognostications.

Why 2018 will be the year of the WAN

Software-defined WAN technology is sweeping across the industry, growing from an emerging technology in 2017 to become mainstream in 2018. As SD-WAN deployments become ubiquitous for organizations with remote offices, more big changes will come. Check it out.

Hottest IoT applications for 2018

IoT is going to expand on its current strengths in the coming year, broadening its presence in the industrial, energy and transportation sectors and continuing to see growing usage in fields like healthcare and retail. Check it out.

Hyperconvergence gathers speed

Hyperconverged systems combine storage, compute and network functionality in a single, virtualized solution. Hyperconvergence gained traction in 2017. As the new year rolls in, adoption momentum will continue – even among large enterprises. Check it out.

What to expect from Cisco in 2018

Cisco is at an inflection point, transitioning from a hardware-based company to an integrated hardware and software-focused one. Along the way, it’s rolling out a whole new line of products for IoT and cloud. Check it out.

Micro-modular data centers on tap

Mini data centers are sprouting up on the edges of networks – in factories, on container ships, and piggybacked on cellular base stations – as companies look to embed compute and storage capacity closer to where data is being generated. Check it out.

What's the W-Fi future look like?

While your enterprise Wi-Fi setup might not change beyond recognition in 2018, the coming year is still going to bring some shifts. The basic technology should remain largely the same, but the way you manage it could be very different. Check it out.

Five predictions for hybrid cloud

Despite the public cloud seemingly grabbing the lion’s share of attention in the cloud market, private and hybrid cloud computing markets have been growing robustly as well and experts predict they'll only gain importance in 2018 and beyond. Check it out.

Hot IoT tech trends for 2018

Instrumentation is coming – 2018 promises the IoTification of a lot of existing technology, plus edge computing, improved analytics and even some security improvements, if we’re reading these tea leaves correctly. Check it out.

The future of storage

charlie giancarlo Pure Storage

Former Cisco exec and current CEO of Pure Storage Charlie Giancarlo talks about why he decided to join the enterprise flash storage company and what he sees coming in the storage industry. Check it out.

Data center cooling market heats up

The worldwide market for data center cooling equipment will reach $20 billion by 2024, a massive jump over the $8 billion spent in 2016, according to a report from Global Market Insights. Check it out.

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