Stories by Mary Branscombe

7 things IT should be automating

Automation can reap efficiencies, reduce errors, and free up staff for higher-value tasks — especially when undertaken as part of a companywide strategic effort. Here’s where to start.

Written by Mary Branscombe10 Jan. 19 09:48

9 machine learning myths

When technology is as hyped as machine learning is, misunderstandings and misconceptions abound. Here’s a clear-eyed look at what machine learning can and can’t deliver.

Written by Mary Branscombe21 March 18 21:00

How AI could revolutionise project management

Estimation, resource management and KPIs are just a few of the key areas where machine learning and predictive analytics can have a positive impact on project outcomes.

Written by Mary Branscombe12 Jan. 18 22:00

7 power tips for Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI service can visualize a lot more than chart data; from asking questions to analyzing the services you use, here’s how to make the most of it.

Written by Mary Branscombe29 Nov. 17 22:00

9 IT projects primed for machine learning

With AI quickly becoming strategic, look for projects that can give you some quick business wins and help you gain the skills to apply machine learning more broadly.

Written by Mary Branscombe11 Oct. 17 21:00

A practical guide to machine learning in business

Machine learning is poised to have a profound impact on your business but the hype is sowing confusion. Here’s a clear-eyed look at what machine learning is and how it can be used today.

Written by Mary Branscombe08 Sept. 17 20:00

How to create a company culture that can weather failure

In technology, things go wrong all the time, sometimes catastrophically. But if you stop paying attention after you fix the immediate problem, you’re missing out on the benefit of learning from experience.

Written by Mary Branscombe09 Aug. 17 19:52

Legacy processes are holding back your digital business

Having a digital business model isn't about online sales, and it’s not just about technology; it’s about using technology to support a flexible, connected operating model. But in many organizations, technology has outpaced process.

Written by Mary Branscombe01 June 17 19:56

How HoloLens lets you collaborate in context

Going hands-free and heads-up is good for productivity, but the real-world context that you get with HoloLens can improve collaboration in profound and unexpected ways.

Written by Mary Branscombe18 April 17 23:45

Why enterprises are upgrading to Windows 10 faster than expected

When Windows 10 came out in July 2015, many enterprises said they’d adopt it in 18-24 months. That would be right about now. All indications are that Windows 10 is hitting its stride in business, in many cases ahead of schedule.

Written by Mary Branscombe04 April 17 23:55

9 gifts IT needed but didn't get in 2016

In 2016 IT departments received technology that disappointed, didn’t deliver, took the wrong direction or didn’t arrive at all. Here’s what your IT team is still waiting for as we head into 2017.

Written by Mary Branscombe28 Dec. 16 23:35

PowerShell for Linux makes it easier to mix clients, servers and clouds

Multiple platforms are now the norm for IT infrastructure. To address that Microsoft is bringing its key configuration tools to Linux and Mac OS to make it easier for customers and partners to handle their workloads, which also positions Operations Management Suite as the future of configuration management.

Written by Mary Branscombe19 Aug. 16 01:14