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3 Great iOS Apps That Use Apple's Touch ID Finger Scanner

Thanks to iOS 8, Apple mobile app developers now have access to the Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanner so users can log in to their apps without entering tiresome passwords.

Written by James A. Martin17 Oct. 14 04:42

'Rotten WiFi' Network-Rating App Deserves Rotten Tomatoes

Most movie fans know Rotten Tomatoes, the film-review aggregator that assigns a score to movies based on an average of critics' ratings. In that site's spirit, Rotten WiFi, a free Android and iOS app, scores Wi-Fi networks based on user speed tests and ratings.

Written by James A. Martin16 Oct. 14 01:41

New Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Buyers Get Free Washington Post News...for Now

If you're tempted to buy Amazon's latest version of its Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tablet ($379 and up) when it's released on Oct. 21, here's one more potential selling point: Free Washington Post content via a new WaPo app that comes preloaded on the new Fire tablet.

Written by James A. Martin09 Oct. 14 00:47

Read More Business Books in Less Time With 'GetAbstract' Mobile Apps

I'd love to read beaucoup business books that are available today. For example, I've been meaning to give Malcom Gladwell's Outliers a go. It's been a best seller for years and, well, you know how the story goes; too many business books, too many other things to read -- like mystery thrillers.

Written by James A. Martin07 Oct. 14 01:28

LinkedIn's New 'SlideShare' App is a Presentation Library for iOS 8

LinkedIn's SlideShare, the "YouTube of presentations," now has its own, free iOS app, called SlideShare Presentations. The software is gorgeous, easy to use, and it's sure to appease slideshow fanatics. (They exist, right?)

Written by James A. Martin04 Oct. 14 01:37

How (and Why) to Perform a DIY SEO Site Audit

Countless websites' search engine rankings were affected by the many major Google algorithm updates of the past few years. Search engine optimization (SEO) priorities have also shifted in this post Panda-Penguin-Hummingbird-Pigeon world. An SEO site audit is an essential way to take stock of how your website performs, especially in regards to its search engine rankings.

Written by James A. Martin02 Oct. 14 23:16

Apple's 'Health' App Is Like 'Passbook' for Fitness Data

Apple's iOS 8 Health app is finally off and running following an anemic start. It's easy to see the app's potential, but as of this writing, it's not quite on par with other, slicker Apple apps.

Written by James A. Martin30 Sept. 14 23:51

5 Apps That Spotlight Valuable New iOS 8 Features

For Android folks, the idea of third-party keyboards is ancient news. If you're an iOS loyalist, especially one who's tired of Apple's not-so-helpful autocorrect feature, the arrival of keyboard choices in iOS 8 feels worthy of a ticker tape parade.

Written by James A. Martin20 Sept. 14 04:33

How to Avoid Online Scams When Selling Your Old iPhone or iPad

A lot of people right now are selling their old iPhones and iPad minis to trade up to the supersized iPhone 6 models. Unfortunately, I suspect some of them are being scammed out of their devices -- I nearly was.

Written by James A. Martin12 Sept. 14 23:37

Savor Food iOS App Is a Social Network for Foodies

When researching a new place for dinner, I typically focus on price, cuisine, location, reviews, noise level and availability. It would be cool, and valuable, to be able to discover new restaurants based on the popularity of their dishes.

Written by James A. Martin11 Sept. 14 23:06

iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch may make these 5 things irrelevant

As I watched Apple's big unveiling of its new iPhones, Apple Pay, and Watch on Tuesday, I just had to start writing up an "endangered" list. My relationship with the following apps, devices and other stuff could come to an end once I get my hands on an iPhone 6 Plus and Watch. However, there is one gadget that no iOS device will likely topple in terms of my affections.

Written by James A. Martin10 Sept. 14 23:18