Stories by James A. Martin

Why Activity Trackers Still Trump Fitness Apps

A few days ago, my Fitbit Force wristband finally threw in the towel. Not even the little Bitbelts I'd bought could keep the band attached to the activity-tracking device it once supported.

Written by James A. Martin05 Sept. 14 01:16

'Dstrux' File-Sharing App for iOS Dramatically Disappoints

Dstrux, a new, free iOS app, wants to become the Snapchat of sensitive documents. It promises to let you share files with others and set a time for the files to "self-destruct." Unfortunately, in my tests, the only thing that self-destructed was Dstrux.

Written by James A. Martin01 Sept. 14 23:35

Voice Search Smackdown: Ooloo vs. Siri vs. Google Now

Ooloo is a new, free voice search app for iOS and Android, and it relies on actual humans to answer your questions 24/7. I tested the iOS app and compared the answers I received to answers from Apple's Siri and Google Now (on an Android smartphone).

Written by James A. Martin29 Aug. 14 00:27

What a Trip to London Taught Me About GPS Apps and Navigation

I seriously considered tossing my iPhone and Android smartphones into the brown waters of the Thames. How liberating, if not exhilarating, it would have felt. But I took a deep breath, stepped away from the bridge railing, put both devices back into my pockets and continued along my confusing trajectory.

Written by James A. Martin25 Aug. 14 23:12

The 3 best iOS and Android apps of winter 2014

If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you probably know that iOS app icons dance around when you tap and hold a finger on them to move or remove one. They do a little jig, hoping to entertain you and thereby save themselves from deletion.

Written by James A. Martin11 Aug. 14 23:20

Top 25 DIY Tips for Better SEO

Is do-it-yourself (DIY) search engine optimization (SEO) possible if you lack SEO experience?

Written by James A. Martin06 Aug. 14 01:30

Two New Ways to Find Your Next Favorite Mobile App

Apple's iTunes App Store and Google Play are a bit like Moroccan city marketplaces: There's a lot going on, and it's all a bit chaotic and overwhelming. Browsing by categories or searching by keyword helps. But not much.

Written by James A. Martin05 Aug. 14 23:05

In Pictures: 14 must-have iPhone, iPad travel apps

These 14 iOS travel apps will make your iPhone, iPad touch or iPad a more valuable travel companion. They'll help you book your trip, plan your itinerary, navigate unfamiliar streets, convert foreign currencies and much more.

Written by James A. Martin25 July 14 08:28

Why Yahoo 'Aviate' Could Take Over Your Android Home Screen

Yahoo wants to replace your current Android homescreen with Aviate, an "intelligent homescreen that simplifies your phone." The recently released app, which an invite-only beta release for months, is attractively designed, streamlined and easy to use, like many of Yahoo's latest mobile apps. Unfortunately, in its current incarnation, it's missing a few key features.

Written by James A. Martin23 July 14 00:19

6 Good Reasons ‘Tempo' Should be Your iOS Calendar App

The Tempo calendar app isn't new; it's been around for about 18 months and was on my Spring 2013 "Best iOS and Android Apps" list. A new Tempo update brings some new features that make the app even better. I love Tempo for several reasons:

Written by James A. Martin18 July 14 23:35

Kwoller iOS Shopping App is the ‘Tinder of Fashion'

Kwoller is a new, free iPhone/iPod touch app designed to make it easy for women to speed-shop. The app accomplishes its mission, but you don't always get what you see.

Written by James A. Martin18 July 14 06:08

Busting the Top 15 SEO Myths of 2014

All the recent Google algorithm updates -- Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird -- have turned what were once widely practiced SEO beliefs into myths. For instance, guest blog posting used to be a popular way to get quality links, but Google recently "stuck a fork" in the practice and proclaimed it "done."

Written by James A. Martin16 July 14 22:59