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Enjoy the Free Songza Music App While You Still Can

By now, you may have heard that Google acquired Songza for a rumored $15 million. That's a bargain, when you consider Apple's recent $3-billion purchase of Beats, which sells headphones, speakers and a streaming music service.

Written by James A. Martin04 July 14 02:01

Fitbit's updated iOS app doesn't go the distance

Fitbit recently strengthened its iOS app with a new "MobileRun" feature for tracking exercise in real-time via GPS. It's a step in the right direction (bad pun intended) -- but not enough to help Fitbit catch up to RunKeeper or other workout tracking apps. (Fitbit's Android update is said to be coming soon.)

Written by James A. Martin03 July 14 02:00

Opera Mini iOS Browser Gets Updated Look, New Compression Mode

The free Opera Mini mobile browser has won fans with its "Opera Mini mode," which compresses dense Web pages (with lots of graphics) down to as little as 10 percent of their original sizes. This ultra-compression feature can make Web pages look extremely bare bones, but they're still (mostly) usable. The upside: It reduces your data consumption, which can be helpful if you're traveling on an expensive international data roaming plan, using a slow network or are on a limited data plan.

Written by James A. Martin01 July 14 06:28

In Pictures: 11 of Today's (and Tomorrow's) Hottest Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the 'it' gadgets this summer, and they'll only get hotter as notable new devices become available. Here's a look at the best smartwatches on the market, plus a few that are rumored to be on the way.

Written by James A. Martin02 June 14 11:13

7 Quick Tips to Make Your Site More Search Friendly recently queried nearly 30 SEO experts and rounded up their advice into a list of the "Top 10 Technical SEO Issues (and How to Fix Them)." The following seven quick-hit SEO tips offer additional best practices that are well worth your attention.

Written by James A. Martin21 May 14 23:26

Top 10 Technical SEO Issues (and How to Fix Them)

In the age of "Penguin," "Panda," "Hummingbird" and other big Google algorithm updates, winning the search engine optimization (SEO) game means publishing high-quality content that earns links. But all the quality content in the world won't help your search rankings if your site has structural or other technical issues.

Written by James A. Martin20 May 14 23:47

In Pictures: 12 tablet accessories that let you ditch your laptop

Android and iOS tablets have come a long way, but for many users they're still not suitable laptop replacements. However, you can change that. These 12 gadgets each help bridge the gap between notebook PC and tablet.

Written by James A. Martin23 April 14 08:20

Link Building Strategies and Tips for 2014

SEO experts share tips on effective link building strategies in 2014, along with a handful of common link building misconceptions.

Written by James A. Martin03 April 14 23:58

In Pictures: Best iPhone, iPad business apps for 2014

Looking for iPhone and iPad business apps that can boost your productivity? These 12 lesser-known iOS downloads will help extend your mobile display to a desktop, schedule social-media updates, scan documents and much more.

Written by James A. Martin06 March 14 09:19

7 Ways to Boost Your Klout Score

Your Klout score serves as an important indicator of your social media influence. These tips will help you increase your Klout score while also improving social engagement.

Written by James A. Martin28 Jan. 14 13:43

Does Your Klout Score Matter?

Klout is now entering its fifth year. Is the social media scoring service an important indicator of online influence? Or is it just a meaningless number?

Written by James A. Martin27 Jan. 14 15:25