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8 Ways to Use Google Glass on the Job

Google Glass isn't without its limitations -- not to mention privacy concerns -- but Google Glass 'Explorers' are finding many ways to use the device to work smarter and faster. The key to more widespread adoption, though, will be seamless integration into existing technology workflows.

Written by James A. Martin22 Jan. 14 13:43

20 SEO Tips, Trends and Predictions for 2014

Google made big changes to its search engine algorithm in 2013. What will those updates mean for search engine optimization in 2014? SEO experts offer their advice for the new year.

Written by James A. Martin16 Jan. 14 13:38

Does Google Authorship Matter for SEO?

The better your Google Authorship, the more likely you are to see your headshot and a 'rich snippet' attached to the Web content you produce. But this has little impact on SEO and no effect at all on Google Author Rank. Here's an inside look at the pros and cons of Google authorship for SEO.

Written by James A. Martin07 Jan. 14 13:40

In Pictures: Google Chromebook Buyer's Guide

Chromebooks are Web-centric alternatives to laptops that, while not for everyone, are coming into their own. To help you decide if one is right for you, answers common Chromebooks questions and takes a look at the current lineup.

Written by James A. Martin16 Dec. 13 08:33

Does Google Glass Pose Safety, Health and Security Risks?

Google Glass ranks among the most anticipated of wearable technologies. But a pair of glasses with a small computer screen above one eye is bound to raise concerns about security, privacy, and even the health and safety of the person wearing it.

Written by James A. Martin02 Dec. 13 16:03

How Safe is Google Glass for Driving?

Google's futuristic Glass headgear is currently available only to developers and early adopters, the so-called Glass Explorers, with commercial release expected sometime next year. But Google Glass is already raising questions about its use behind the wheel of an automobile. Is using the head-mounted device for navigation or other purposes inherently riskier than using, say, a smartphone while driving? Or is it actually safer?

Written by James A. Martin20 Nov. 13 14:49

10 Tips for Using Fitness Gadgets to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It's easy to gain weight during the holidays but tough to lose it. Over the years, that weight adds up. Here 10 fitness experts discuss how apps, wristbands, monitors and other technology can help you set and achieve fitness goals during the holiday season -- and far beyond.

Written by James A. Martin12 Nov. 13 14:02

What three big Google updates mean for your SEO strategy

Recent changes to Google's search algorithm, its keyword planner tool and the availability of search query data may have you rethinking your SEO and online marketing strategies, but experts say it's best not to overthink things.

Written by James A. Martin16 Oct. 13 13:21

8 Things You Need to Know About SEO Now

Google has been busy making big algorithm changes for the past year and a half. Here are eight things SEO experts say you should be doing now to keep your content high in search result rankings.

Written by James A. Martin20 Aug. 13 13:39

10 Back-to-School Laptop Buying Tips

Today's students need a good dose of technology to do their best work. But the market for consumer tech is both crowded and confusing. Before you invest in a laptop--and, yes, you should get your student a laptop--here are 10 important considerations.

Written by James A. Martin07 Aug. 13 12:50

Six Google analytics tips for online marketers and SMBs

Google Analytics lets organisations of all shapes and sizes measure the performance of their websites. There's a lot of data in there--and even more that you can do with that data once you've extracted it. These tips will help you get started with Google Analytics.

Written by James A. Martin25 July 13 12:42

20 SEO tools to help you achieve, measure success

The basics of search engine optimisation are, well, basic: Build good, easy-to-find content, and promote it via social media, and they will come. But there's nothing wrong with adding to your arsenal SEO tools that will help you create more targeted content and a more visible website.

Written by James A. Martin08 Feb. 13 10:22

Top 10 Facebook Graph Search Questions Answered

With its Jan. 15 announcement of Facebook Graph Search, has the social network changed the art and science of organic search engine optimization (SEO)? Or has nothing changed at all for businesses that are already practicing SEO, social media and content marketing?

Written by James A. Martin29 Jan. 13 20:34

How to avoid online reputation management nightmares

Don't let a few bad reviews or one negative article ruin your reputation with online customers. These three case studies feature companies that faced online reputation challenges, with a look at the results they achieved and the lessons they learned along the way.

Written by James A. Martin23 Jan. 13 14:39