Stories by James A. Martin

Mobile SEO Strategies: More than Just Choosing Keywords

With more people performing searches by typing or voice commands on their mobile devices, does your company website need a new SEO strategy? These five mobile SEO tips will help potential customers find -- and stay on -- your mobile site.

Written by James A. Martin16 Oct. 12 12:50

10 online reputation management tips for businesses

When people search for your business, they should ideally find your company website, your social media accounts and positive posts on review sites. These 10 tips will help your efforts to achieve that lofty goal.

Written by James A. Martin27 Aug. 12 16:42

10 online reputation management tips for job seekers

Don't let questionable Facebook photos or Tweets, a bare-bones LinkedIn profile or negative posts beyond your control derail an otherwise smooth job interview process. Use these 10 tips to improve your personal Google search results and help land the job you want.

Written by James A. Martin17 July 12 15:23

In Pictures: Top 10 Android tablet apps

Android tablets often get overshadowed by Apple's mighty iPad and have to fight for market share - and attention from developers. But there are some great Android apps optimized for tablets out there. Here areour picks for the top 10.

Written by James A. Martin13 July 12 09:00

In Pictures: Top 25 iPhone and iPad apps for business

Apple's iPhone and iPad may have been built for consumers, but the folks in Cupertino correctly guessed that what's good for consumers is good for businesses. The only stumbling block may be the growing volume of apps available: more 140,000 natively for the iPad and over 500,000 that work on the iPhone and iPad. Here are 25 go-to iOS apps for business users, from travel planning to document editing using Microsoft Office tools to time tracking to getting a good night's sleep.

Written by James A. Martin28 Feb. 12 09:14

How to evaluate enterprise search options

Google and other Internet search engine virtually never fail to deliver relevant results nearly instantly. That creates a problem for IT in terms of setting employee expectations around the search capabilities they use at work.

Written by James A. Martin09 Feb. 12 08:09

10 things to look for in an SEO expert

Your company's website might look great, with plenty of multimedia sizzle. But if the site isn't consistently attracting targeted visitors and converting them into customers, it's not doing its job—which can have a negative impact on revenue.

Written by James A. Martin24 Jan. 12 03:33

iPad, iPhone app promises to secure confidential documents

With the latest update to WatchDox for iOS, enterprise users of iPads and iPhones can now annotate confidential documents on their devices without compromising security, according to the company.

Written by James A. Martin24 Jan. 12 05:08