Stories by James A. Martin

Putting Apple Pencil to work with Evernote, OneNote and Notability

The Apple Pencil is a valuable tool for marking up documents by hand on the iPad Pro. tested the new stylus along with four different note-taking apps, to find the best software for hand-drawn text and image markup.

Written by James A. Martin04 Dec. 15 17:14

Karma Go offers contract-free unlimited data for mobile pros

The hockey-puck-shaped Karma Go gadget generates a Wi-Fi network that provides unlimited mobile data without a contract, wherever there's Sprint network coverage. However, security-conscious travelers should be aware of a potential deal-breaker.

Written by James A. Martin01 Dec. 15 16:32

Gimmicky Thermos connected water bottle is actually very useful

Despite proven health benefits, most people don't drink enough water and very few take the time to manually track the amount they drink each day. A new connected water bottle is designed to solve these problems — and it works well.

Written by James A. Martin25 Nov. 15 16:21

Dragon Anywhere app gets advanced dictation, formatting features

Devoted Dragon desktop software users will appreciate the new $15-per-month, cloud-based Anywhere service, which provides on-the-go text dictation and formatting via an Android app, but the premium features are overkill for most people.

Written by James A. Martin24 Nov. 15 17:48

Inside RankBrain: What Google's new search algorithm means to you

Google's RankBrain search-algorithm update has been live for months, but the company just recently confirmed the existence of the new machine-learning component. Here's a breakdown of RankBrain, along with a list of few important things digital marketers need to know.

Written by James A. Martin24 Nov. 15 16:00

5 mobile apps to help you survive (and thrive) this Thanksgiving

These five mobile apps for Android and iOS devices can help you shop for holiday groceries and gifts, find the best routes to wherever you're going, work off dessert consumed and, if you must, count calories.

Written by James A. Martin23 Nov. 15 17:33

IBM Watson Trend iOS app promises Black Friday insights, but mostly fails

The new Watson Trend app puts IBM's machine-learning, natural-language-processing, big-data-crunching platform to work for you to help you find information on products of interest. Unfortunately, the 'insights' it provides are mostly common sense.

Written by James A. Martin20 Nov. 15 18:24

4 reasons Logitech's Create keyboard may top Apple's Smart Keyboard

On the iPad Pro's launch date, Apple's new Smart Keyboard was missing in action. But reviewer James A. Martin found plenty of Logitech Create keyboards, also designed for the iPad Pro, available. Here's why he may be sticking with Logitech's keyboard.

Written by James A. Martin12 Nov. 15 16:54

Junk mail and spam got you down? Get these 2 apps

During the holiday season, your already endless streams of unwanted email and junk 'snail mail' only escalate. These two apps can help you battle the deluge and reclaim your mailboxes.

Written by James A. Martin10 Nov. 15 17:11

6 iPhone apps that use 3D Touch to make you more productive

The vast majority of third-party iOS apps don't yet support Apple's new 3D Touch feature, but we found six worthy downloads that let you hard press app icons and within apps to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Written by James A. Martin02 Nov. 15 16:00

3 must-have mobile apps (and gadgets) for fall 2015's resident tech reviewer James A. Martin shares a set of unique mobile apps and their associated devices, all of which he reviewed during the past few months and continues to use every day.

Written by James A. Martin01 Nov. 15 15:50