Stories by James A. Martin

Waze 4.0 packs new features, but it's still no match for Google Maps

Waze has a devoted community of users who love its crowdsourced alerts, and a new software update makes it is easier to use. However, the app has a <em>ways</em> to go before it can dethrone the king of GPS navigation apps, Google Maps.

Written by James A. Martin30 Oct. 15 16:32

The 12 commandments of Wikipedia

There are right ways and wrong ways to maintain Wikipedia pages, and these 12 dos and don'ts can help you avoid the most common mistakes organizations make when trying to manage, or manipulate, their Wikipedia presences.

Written by James A. Martin28 Oct. 15 16:00

How to effectively create and manage a Wikipedia page

Marketing and brand experts share insights on how to ensure the accuracy of a Wikipedia page without overstepping your bounds and drawing the ire of the Wiki community.

Written by James A. Martin28 Oct. 15 16:00

Beddit tracks sleep without the wearable

Sleep tracking isn't for everyone, but if you seek insight into your nightly restlessness, Beddit's $150 Smart Sleep Monitor is worth a look — and it doesn't require a wearable.

Written by James A. Martin20 Oct. 15 18:12

6 reasons Apple Notes still can't replace Evernote

Apple's Notes apps for iOS and Mac recently received much-needed upgrades, but they're still no match for more robust note-taking apps, such as Evernote. Here's why.

Written by James A. Martin19 Oct. 15 16:40

Top 4 marketing automation tools and why you'll love (and hate) them

A handful of professional digital marketers weigh in on their favorite marketing automation tools, and spotlight pros and cons of each. Some of the picks were the usual suspects — HubSpot and Hootsuite — while others were surprises.

Written by James A. Martin15 Oct. 15 14:52

TrackR bravo locator helps find your lost wallet, keys

The upgraded TrackR bravo tag now has a wider Bluetooth signal range and slightly louder audio. It's a functional and affordable tracker, but Tile and the upcoming Lapa 2 are also worthy alternatives.

Written by James A. Martin13 Oct. 15 17:10

Wacom Bamboo Spark elegantly digitizes handwritten notes, drawings

If you still like sketching and writing by hand, but also want quick digital backups of your notes, you'll find a friend in Wacom's new Bamboo Spark. However, plenty of alternatives exist, and some are significantly cheaper and have more features.

Written by James A. Martin08 Oct. 15 16:35

Starbucks mobile ordering gets you caffeine quicker

Starbucks this week widely released a mobile order-ahead feature it's been testing since December 2014. The feature is far from unique, but it works as promised and will likely help the coffee retailer boost sales.

Written by James A. Martin23 Sept. 15 16:03

3 new iOS 9 features business users will love

Apple's latest mobile OS is packed with valuable features, but the new Split View, email attachment, and image markup capabilities will be particularly helpful for businesspeople.

Written by James A. Martin17 Sept. 15 15:56

Don't get burned by Google — how to diversify your website traffic

Overreliance on any one source for online traffic is never a good thing for website operators, but a dependence on Google search results can be particularly damning. SEO experts offer best practices to help make sure your business isn't at risk of being sunk by a change in Google's search algorithm.

Written by James A. Martin17 Sept. 15 15:00

Why iPad Pro probably won't replace any of your current gadgets

Apple's new tablet is 80 per cent faster than most of the portable PCs shipped during the past year, according to the company, but for the average user, iPad Pro won't replace a desktop, laptop or tablet. Here's why.

Written by James A. Martin15 Sept. 15 14:54