Stories by James A. Martin

3 must-have GPS apps with downloadable maps

A few years ago, only a few GPS navigation apps for smartphones (and GPS-capable tablets) let you download and save maps, instead of downloading as you needed them. Today, dozen of these apps exist.

Written by James A. Martin17 July 15 23:41

5 reasons why Spark could be the next great iOS email app

Is there a more loathed form of communication today than email? Nope, not in my opinion. Are there way too many email apps that promise to make it easier to manage those messages? Yep.

Written by James A. Martin16 July 15 23:36

6 things Evernote does that Microsoft OneNote can't

Consumers tend to stick with what works for them. The more time and money they invest in a product or service, the less likely they are to venture out and try competing products.

Written by James A. Martin16 July 15 00:27

7 things Microsoft OneNote does that Evernote can't

We're moving deeper into the modern "walled garden" of digital life. Generally speaking, you choose the garden you like best -- be it Apple, Google or Microsoft -- and the more time and money you invest, the more painful it is to leave that ecosystem.

Written by James A. Martin16 July 15 00:19

3 address book apps that aim to tame contact chaos

Atmospheir is a new, free iOS app designed to corral all of your contacts in one place and then keep them updated. It works well, but it's certainly not the first, or only, software to perform the feat.

Written by James A. Martin09 July 15 23:49

Not Actively Looking disrupts search firm model, grows user base 90 percent

You're a senior executive wondering what might come next in your career. Positions at your level are rarely advertised or posted. So you contact a search firm or two. You tell them you're, "not actively looking" but might be interested in a new position, should the right one present itself. You email them your resume. They promise to keep you in mind. While many times there may be no results from the exchange for months, if ever.

Written by James A. Martin09 July 15 00:23

3 apps to help kick the post-vacation doldrums

You're physically at your desk, but mentally, you're still watching the fireworks or thinking about that backyard BBQ. The more enjoyable and longer your time off, especially in the summer, the harder it is to shift back into work mode. Meanwhile, those projects you're getting paid to do? They aren't going to check themselves off your to-do list.

Written by James A. Martin07 July 15 23:17

These 3 Android, iOS apps simplify and speed up social sharing

Successful social media marketers regularly share interesting, fresh and relevant content with their followers. Time consuming? You betcha. These three apps (one brand new) make it simpler -- but not necessarily painless -- to share online articles from mainstream publishers.

Written by James A. Martin01 July 15 23:38

The 5 best Android and iOS apps of summer 2015

Every few months, I look back at the apps I recently reviewed and ask myself a few questions: Which of the apps have I used at least semi-regularly since my review? Which ones would I recommend to a friend? And which ones stand a good chance of being around for a while? (R.I.P., Circa News, one of my previous "best of" winners).

Written by James A. Martin26 June 15 23:30

Amazon Echo now widely available, but is it right for you?

Amazon this week officially removed the velvet rope from Echo, its "Siri-with-a-speaker" smart home device. You can now buy Echo for $180, no invitation needed, though you have to wait until at least July 14 for it to ship.

Written by James A. Martin24 June 15 23:59

3 reasons to give Apple Maps another try

If you've dismissed Apple Maps as extraordinarily inept, it might be time to give the once-beleaguered navigation app another go.

Written by James A. Martin19 June 15 23:12