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How voice search and Google 'direct answers' are changing SEO

The art and science of search engine optimization (SEO) changed dramatically in recent years, thanks in no small part to big Google algorithm tweaks, including the recent mobile friendly update.

Written by James A. Martin07 May 15 01:00

Is Basis Peak a better fitness tracker than Fitbit Surge?

If you still haven't bought into the whole wearable-health thing yet, and you don't have your sites set on an Apple Watch, consider giving Basis Peak ($199) a look. After a few weeks of use, I found a lot to like about the wrist-worn activity and sleep tracker -- which also has some smartwatch features -- as well as a few things that could use improvement.

Written by James A. Martin02 May 15 01:18

Are robotics startups gaining traction? Affirmative

VC Funding For Robotics Grew 36 per cent in 2014. Like everyone else today, robots are following the VC dollars. And while many funding rounds are aimed at the usual industrial automation, money is also flowing to startups developing more human-friendly robots.

Written by James A. Martin19 March 15 05:01

Traction watch: game of drones

Editor's note: Traction Watch is a new column focused obsessively on growth, and is a companion to the DEMO Traction conference series, which brings together high-growth startups with high-potential customers. Companies can apply here to showcase, or those similarly obsessed can register here to attend.

Written by James A. Martin18 March 15 02:40

In Pictures: 11 early Apple Watch apps for business

Apple's first smartwatch is set for release in April. These 11 business apps for productivity, ERP, CRM and more, should be available shortly after the Apple Watch, and all are valuable tools for professionals.

Written by James A. Martin13 March 15 08:11

The Best (and Worst) GPS Navigation Apps

While doing research for a new article on why GPS-based directions consistently seem to lead me astray, I asked a group of people who use and own GPS apps and personal navigation devices (PNDs) for products they recommend, as well as insight into the current state of GPS technology. Here are some of their likes, dislikes and other general observations about the market.

Written by James A. Martin21 Feb. 15 06:20

SEO and SEM predictions and tips for 2015

Ask any digital marketing expert about the major trends they expect to see in 2015, and he or she will likely answer with one word: mobile.

Written by James A. Martin29 Jan. 15 06:54

How to use Ebooks to improve your content marketing strategy

"Thin" online content, such as low-quality guest blog posts, is out this year, thanks to the various Google algorithm updates of the past few years. Experts suggest that in 2015 and beyond, it will be all about "fat" content -- such as ebooks.

Written by James A. Martin14 Jan. 15 06:45

Fitbit Surge Fitness Watch Early Hands-On Review

On Dec. 4, I received an "exclusive limited release" email offer from Fitbit to become "one of the first" people to buy its new, $250 Surge fitness watch. Surge isn't supposed to be released until early 2015, so I jumped at the chance to try Fitbit's top-of-the-line activity/sleep tracker.

Written by James A. Martin11 Dec. 14 02:53

Wire App from Skype Co-Founder Targets Hipsters, Minimalists

Wire is a new, free communications app for Android, iOS and Mac OS X from Janus Friis, a Skype co-founder. Does the world need another Skype competitor? Maybe. In my opinion, however, Wire doesn't fit that bill, at least not yet.

Written by James A. Martin06 Dec. 14 03:40

Microsoft's Latest Buy, Acompli, is a Great Email App

Microsoft this week announced it had acquired Acompli, an email and calendar integration app for Android and iOS. Re/code reports that Microsoft paid "north of $200 million," a far cry from Facebook's nearly $19 billion buyout of messaging app WhatsApp.

Written by James A. Martin05 Dec. 14 01:03