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Women in Security Conference & Awards to debut in Melbourne on 3 September

MELBOURNE, 30 AUGUST 2019 –Saudi Arabian cybersecurity specialist and women’s rights activist Manal al-Sharif, who was imprisoned by authorities after daring to drive a car, will deliver the keynote speech at a groundbreaking conference and awards ceremony exploring the changing role of women in cybersecurity.

Written by CSO staff30 Aug. 19 13:37

In Pictures: 15 of the scariest things hacked

From televisions to passenger planes, even the most unassuming device can, if accessed by the wrong people, be turned into something more sinister.

Written by CSO staff21 Oct. 14 09:03

Emerging technologies: Is this your company's biggest challenge?

If the number of devices talking to your network was about to increase from 50 to
850,000, you might be a little daunted. One person facing precisely this nightmare is Ian
Appleby, corporate IT security manager for NSW energy distributor, Endeavour Energy.
He sums up his greatest challenge in three words: New emerging technologies.

Written by CSO staff18 June 11 16:03

Security in the Australian Market

Operating in a hyper-connected world, the major concern that is foremost on the CIO's priority
list is security. The emergence of convergence technologies, mobility and new delivery models like cloud
has only further spurred the growth in security.

Written by CSO staff17 June 11 13:52

CSO Anonymous

Why is it such a struggle to work in security? Show me a security professional who
hasn’t felt misunderstood and undervalued. Who hasn’t complained that they are treated like a pariah?
What are we missing? Is it our fault or is the world not ready for us yet? Does a major
security breach have to happen before the penny drops?

Written by CSO staff14 June 11 21:24

Cloud security: how to protect your data

To use Cloud computing securely requires companies to know where their data is stored and who has access to
it. Ironically, the reason Cloud is so popular is because organisations don't want to worry about these details.

So can the issue be solved by adhering to standards? Increasing legislation? Maybe we need a global technical
disaster to ‘sober up’ an industry drunk on the power of Moore's Law.

Written by CSO staff14 June 11 21:17

Mobile Malware and Cyber Warfare

Security analysts have been predicting the emergence of mobile malware for many years.
In 2011, the criminals have finally come through by attacking Google's popular Android
OS. Meanwhile, the sophistication of Stuxnet — anasty piece of code that infected a nuclear power
facility — has alarmed researchers who believegovernments are stockpiling tools for cyberwar.
Looking ahead, it seems a cataclysmic Cloud failure is just around the corner.

Written by CSO staff14 June 11 20:38

CSO Security Buyers Guide 2010 digital edition

The CSO Security Buyers Guide 2010 digital edition is now available for download. Download this digital magazine (PDF) for reviews, interviews, company profiles, and more security research resources.

Written by CSO staff10 June 10 14:36

Bomb threat procedures

<em>These are the detailed bomb threat procedures for a U.S.-based non-profit organization that promotes environmental activism and causes. A bomb threat procedure was drafted in 2000 after the organization received a threat </em>

Written by CSO staff19 Aug. 09 03:14

You'll Sneeze If Your Suppliers Get the Flu

A simulation at MIT of an avian flu outbreak in China underscores the need for companies to consider possible supply chain disruptions as part of their plans for handling emergencies

Written by CSO staff01 June 06 12:49