Stories by Mike Elgan

Is augmented reality just a cheap gimmick?

Augmented reality, long a staple of science fiction, is here, there and everywhere. A search on Google News brings up nearly 700 recent stories about the technology and the companies that claim to offer it.

Written by Mike Elgan10 Aug. 10 02:43

Why the $35 tablet will never exist

"India unveils $35 computer for students," says "India unveils prototype for $35 touch-screen computer," reports BBC News. "India to provide $35 computing device to students," says BusinessWeek.

Written by Mike Elgan24 July 10 05:30

15 iPad mysteries remain

Steve Jobs is such a great salesman that he can actually give us a sense of familiarity with something we don't know anything about.

Written by Mike Elgan02 March 10 04:49

Dark clouds gather over online security

Google may have threatened to leave China to keep us all from concluding that "the cloud" cannot be secured. If that's true, isn't that precisely what we should conclude?

Written by Mike Elgan30 Jan. 10 09:04

Why 3D will fail in 2010

James Cameron's hotly anticipated 3D movie, "Avatar," hits theaters across the U.S. today. Besides stunning computer generated imagery and a predictable-but-appealing storyline, the movie will become well known for high-quality 3D.

Written by Mike Elgan22 Dec. 09 02:32

How to fix the keyboard crisis

Everything gets better, right? Cheaper. Faster. Smaller. This is especially true for the smallest devices -- cell phones, netbooks and e-book readers.

Written by Mike Elgan05 Dec. 09 09:51

Online publishing for the cheap and lazy

I'm a lazy cheapskate. And I'm often on the move. But as a columnist, I'm also interested in exposing as many readers as possible to my brilliant insights - which means I should engage in social media and online publishing.

Written by Mike Elgan10 Nov. 09 02:55

The 3 hardest things about working anywhere, anytime

Working in a truly location independent way sounds enticing but impossible. However, the stuff most people think is hard can be easy. And the stuff people think will be easy is hard.

Written by Mike Elgan08 Sept. 09 13:23

Legalise mobile phone jammers?

Jamming a mobile phone is illegal in the US. Very illegal. And not just by ordinary citizens. It's illegal for theatre and restaurant owners to jam calls, and even state and local police or prison officials. The US, in fact, has the strictest laws in the world against jamming mobile calls.

Written by Mike Elgan24 Feb. 09 09:35

Big Brother Is Watching You. . . and He's a Computer

Privacy activists have been lamenting increasing surveillance by cameras and warn of abuse by authorities who have access to them. But two additional trends portend a disturbing new direction

Written by Mike Elgan25 June 07 10:57

Wireless Charging: Here at Last

Imagine if your smartphone was as advanced as your toothbrush - at least in the charging department. That would be cooler than your peppermint toothpaste.

Written by Mike Elgan08 June 07 14:14

Why E-books are Bound to Fail

E-books, those flat electronic tablets designed for reading downloadable, software-based books, are often packed with advanced displays and other leading-edge technology.

Written by Mike Elgan02 May 07 12:08