Stories by Mike Elgan

How to end online harassment

The wisdom of the crowd is showing the way to a harassment-free social Internet: Bring back the "walled garden."

Written by Mike Elgan06 June 16 20:00

When the bot is you

Soon you'll be chatting away with artificially intelligent bots. But the bot revolution will also usher in something strange: It will give us a bot to talk for us, as us. I call it a "me bot."

Written by Mike Elgan16 May 16 20:00

I'm calling it: Social networking is over

And just like that, social networking is no more. The sites formerly known as social networks are pivoting to something else.

Written by Mike Elgan02 May 16 20:00

Why even Google can't connect Cuba

Reports say Google intends to help wire Cuba and bring the island into the 21st century. But that's not going to happen.

Written by Mike Elgan18 April 16 20:00

Surprising tips from a super-hacker

Virtually everyone in technology knows about Kevin Mitnick, the one-time fugitive hacker who is now a security consultant. Mitnick has a wealth of security advice for the public.

Written by Mike Elgan07 March 16 21:58

The surprising truth about Facebook's

You might think is a nonprofit organization launched by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and dedicated to bringing Internet access to people who can't access it, or can't afford it. But that's not the case.

Written by Mike Elgan15 Feb. 16 22:08

How Google's Project Tango will change your life

Project Tango is a Google platform for giving phones and tablets a sense of space, and it's going to radically change how people use their mobile devices.

Written by Mike Elgan04 Jan. 16 14:01

Here comes 'Desktopgeddon'

The public believes the desktop Internet is better, but in reality the opposite is now true.

Written by Mike Elgan21 Dec. 15 14:01

This is why tech toys are dangerous

Toys are dangerous. I'm not talking about toys with sharp edges, toxic materials or parts that constitute a choking hazard. I'm talking about hacking -- a new threat to the safety of children. Last week, the risk got real.

Written by Mike Elgan07 Dec. 15 14:15

Google+ gets the pivot of the year

Google transforms its everything-for-everyone social network into a site that does one thing really well -- connecting supernerds.

Written by Mike Elgan23 Nov. 15 14:15