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New R18+ milestone: First game gets R18+ adults only classification

Australia's Classification Board today announced the first video game to receive the new R18+ classification, indicating it is to be sold only to adults. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, developed by Team Ninja, is published by Nintendo for the company's new Wii U console.

Written by Rohan Pearce11 Jan. 13 12:21

Kogan launches cheap Android handset

Australian online discount retailer Kogan has taken the wraps of an Android smartphone, launching the Kogan Agora: A handset with a five-inch screen retailing for $149.

Written by Rohan Pearce10 Jan. 13 12:28

Why MONA went mobile: The technology behind Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art

There are many things that make visiting Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art an unusual experience. The setting, in the Moorilla winery, the striking architecture of MONA itself, and the intense sensory overload that takes place within its walls, with the shocking (and wonderful) juxtaposition of antiquities and contemporary art.

Written by Rohan Pearce25 Dec. 12 20:00

NASA's cloud computing odyssey: From Earth to Mars

When NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars at the end of its 563 million kilometre journey, it was a triumph for engineering. And it was also a triumph for IT. The anxiety of watching the rover's descent wasn't confined to rocket scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; it was shared by NASA software engineer Khawaja Shams, a member of JPL's Operations Planning Software Lab, who experienced what he describes as the toughest day in his career.

Written by Rohan Pearce13 Dec. 12 16:22

BlackBerry 10 SDK goes gold

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion announced overnight that the SDK for the next generation of its mobile operating system has gone gold. RIM will launch the BlackBerry 10 OS in January next year.

Written by Rohan Pearce12 Dec. 12 11:12

Senator Lundy to be DrupalCon Sydney headliner

Senator Kate Lundy, the federal minister assisting for innovation and industry, has been announced as a keynote speaker at Australia's first DrupalCon.

Written by Rohan Pearce11 Dec. 12 13:11

Cloud 101: Australia's cloud outlook

The high level of virtualization in Australia and customer concerns about off-shore hosting of data and latency make the country a tempting location for cloud providers to set up shop, despite the high cost of real estate and labour.

Written by Rohan Pearce11 Dec. 12 12:37

How Netflix has the cloud do the heavy lifting for video transcoding

For Netflix vice-president of digital supply chain Kevin McEntee, the US-based video streaming company's shift to using the cloud for transcoding its massive content library comes down to a modern take on the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

Written by Rohan Pearce04 Dec. 12 15:24

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on innovation and entrepreneurship

In a ‘fireside chat’ with Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas the company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos offered his thoughts on the key to innovation.

Written by Rohan Pearce30 Nov. 12 15:20

Netflix CEO: Cloud currently akin to pre-compiler era

Reed Hastings, CEO of US video streaming company Netflix, says that the current state of cloud computing is akin to the era before compilers took some of the heavy lifting away from coding.

Written by Rohan Pearce29 Nov. 12 16:47

Gallery: AWS re:Invent day one keynote

Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy kicked off the AWS re:Invent customer conference today. Jassy unveiled a new data-warehouse-as-a-service offering, dubbed Redshift, and also announced a price cut for the cloud giant's S3 service.

Written by Rohan Pearce29 Nov. 12 11:03

Sydney Region part of Amazon S3 price cuts

Amazon Web Services has announced a new series of price cuts for its S3 object storage service that will see drops of around a quarter in most Regions, including Sydney.

Written by Rohan Pearce29 Nov. 12 10:33

Amazon unveils data-warehouse-as-a-service

Andy Jassy, head of’s cloud arm, Amazon Web Services, used his keynote at the inaugural AWS re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas to unveil the latest addition to AWS’ cloud ecosystem: data-warehouse-as-a-service.

Written by Rohan Pearce29 Nov. 12 06:11