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Cool Kinect hacks

When Microsoft launched Kinect for the Xbox 360, it intended the peripheral -- which is capable of full-body motion tracking for multiple simultaneous users -- to be used for games and media playback.

Written by Rohan Pearce18 March 11 15:41

BlackBerry Bold Touch allegedly leaked

Photos that are allegedly of RIM's BlackBerry Bold Touch smartphone have been posted online by N4BB. The BlackBerry Bold Touch's design looks similar to the BlackBerry Bold smartphone. However, in addition to the full QWERTY keyboard the Bold Touch is equipped with a touchscreen.

Written by Rohan Pearce22 Feb. 11 15:39

Kinect for Windows SDK shipping later this year

Microsoft's official blog has announced that a free, "non-commercial" Windows SDK for developing for applications using the company's Kinect motion sensing system will be available for download "this spring" (that's our autumn for the hemispherically challenged).

Written by Rohan Pearce22 Feb. 11 10:21

Review: CrunchBang Linux

A lot of modern Linux distributions created with desktop users in mind go out of their way to be user friendly. Ubuntu, Mint, openSUSE, Fedora -- and many more. It is a sign of how desktop Linux has matured that even non-techy types can get a fully featured and easy-to-use open source operating system up and running in not much time at all. The creators of CrunchBang Linux, however, haven't quite gone in the same direction.

Written by Rohan Pearce18 Feb. 11 10:20

Six of the best free Android apps for geeks

There are a lot of things about Google's Android operating system that appeal to geeks. It's open source, it offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to customising your handset, and, despite not yet matching the iPhone when it comes to the number of apps available, the Android Market continues to grow.

Written by Rohan Pearce30 Aug. 11 09:20

Review: Peppermint Ice Linux

These days, if a desktop-focussed Linux distribution wants to stand out from the pack of Ubuntu-wannabes it either needs to be especially slick or offer something a little bit different to the norm. Peppermint Ice falls into the latter category: It's a Debian-derived (via Ubuntu), lightweight Linux distro that's designed for netbooks and has a strong focus on Web applications.

Written by Rohan Pearce09 Feb. 11 10:36