Stories by Rohan Pearce

Coates Hire eyes opportunities in ML, IoT after cloud move

Coates Hire’s chief information officer, Ben Waterhouse, says the company’s Azure migration has not only cut costs but allowed the company to explore new opportunities involving IoT and machine learning services.

Written by Rohan Pearce16 Aug. 19 08:30

Australian Signals Directorate open sources data analysis tool

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has open sourced one of its in-house data visualisation and analysis tools. The ASD announced today that it had posted the source code for Constellation on GitHub.

Written by Rohan Pearce15 Aug. 19 08:45

Government matches Medicare, Centrelink data to combat fraud

The Department of Human Services is preparing to launch a new program that will combine data from Centrelink and Medicare in an effort to unearth discrepancies between records held at the two agencies.

Written by Rohan Pearce29 July 19 10:48