Stories by Byron Connolly

CommBank reports huge drop in IT system incidents

The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has lauded its seven-year technology transformation project as a key reason for significant improvements in system reliability, reporting an 83 per cent drop in “high impact incidents” between FY07 and FY13.

Written by Byron Connolly14 Aug. 13 12:30

Government tech budgets stabilise

Government technology budgets appear to be stabilising or even increasing, according to research firm Gartner.

Written by Byron Connolly13 Aug. 13 11:34

Developers need to skill up

IT developers will need to broaden their skill set across multiple areas if they are to succeed in their next job search, according to recruitment firm Hays Information Technology.

Written by Byron Connolly09 Aug. 13 10:13

University of Queensland to roll out shared server virtualisation

The University of Queensland (UQ) will soon deploy centralised server virtualisation services for its faculties and institutes in a university-wide project aimed at cutting IT costs and streamlining application delivery to 40,000 students and 7000 staff.

Written by Byron Connolly08 Aug. 13 11:18

Most of us will own smartphones by 2018

Most Australians aged between 15 and 65 will own a smartphone by 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan research.

Written by Byron Connolly06 Aug. 13 12:45

Interview: Michael Harte, CIO, Commonwealth Bank

As the Commonwealth Bank’s Wired for Wonder conference came to a close, CIO caught up with the bank’s chief information officer, Michael Harte, to discuss innovation in IT, delivering competitive advantage and technologies that will have an impact over the next year.

Written by Byron Connolly02 Aug. 13 10:56

ANU launches Australia's largest supercomputer

A $26 million supercomputer capable of completing 170,000 calculations for every human on the Earth every second was unveiled on Wednesday at the Australian National University (ANU).

Written by Byron Connolly31 July 13 10:19

Signs you're not being a CIO

Everyone’s talking about what the CIO role may look like in the future. But when dealing with the here and now, what makes an individual CIO a genuine business leader?

Written by Byron Connolly29 July 13 16:52

CIO Summit 2013: Wrap up

More than 200 CIOs and technologists gathered at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday for the latest leg of the CIO Summit 2013.

Written by Byron Connolly24 July 13 14:03

NBN Co boss quits

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley has quit his post, announcing on Friday that he will retire from corporate life after four years at the helm of the organisation.

Written by Byron Connolly12 July 13 10:56

Flinders University to spend $14M on high-speed network

Adelaide’s Flinders University will spend $14 million on a next-generation campus network, which will provide 22,000 students and 2000 staff with 1Gbps speeds to the desktop while supporting a big push to the cloud.

Written by Byron Connolly09 July 13 12:36

ING Direct unveils new mobile banking app

Online bank ING Direct has updated its mobile banking capabilities with a new app that lets users view their balances across all accounts before logging in, and transfer money to anyone in Australia with email or SMS notifications.

Written by Byron Connolly26 June 13 13:45