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UPDATED: Australian PC market slumps in Q1

Australian consumers delayed or skipped buying new PCs in the first calendar quarter of 2013 as tablet computers rise in popularity, according to new IDC research. The PC market pain is also likely to continue for the rest of the year with IDC predicting a decline of 15 per cent this year over 2012.

Written by Byron Connolly13 June 13 15:00

14,000 QLD kids to get Acer tablets

Around 14,000 school children in Queensland will receive Windows 8 tablet computers following a new agreement between the Queensland Department of Education Training and Employment (QDETE) and Acer.

Written by Byron Connolly04 June 13 10:13

The road to becoming a future-state CIO

Focusing on driving business strategy, building better relationships with other c-level executives, and moving your IT department from a cost to a profit centre were key themes at CIO Australia’s future-state CIO breakfast, sponsored by Canon.

Written by Byron Connolly03 June 13 11:22

Huawei Australia’s revenue hits $368 million in 2012

Chinese networking equipment giant Huawei appears to be gaining traction in the Australian market, reporting revenue of $368 million here in 2012, a 61 per cent jump over the previous year.

Written by Byron Connolly23 May 13 16:20

CenITex to become service “broker”

CenITex, the Victorian government’s troubled ICT shared services agency, appears to be planning to shift from a provider to a broker of ICT services.

Written by Byron Connolly22 May 13 14:48

Why change management doesn’t work

Change management is fundamentally flawed, according to Diane Dromgold, managing director at project delivery firm, RNC Global.

Written by Byron Connolly22 May 13 11:46

UNSW engineers create low cost solar silicon

Engineers at the University of New South Wales have developed a way to dramatically improve the quality of low-grade silicon to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar panels.

Written by Byron Connolly06 May 13 16:31

Bureau of Meteorology switches on online ads

The Bureau of Meteorology will be the first federal government agency to accept commercial advertising on its website starting this week.

Written by Byron Connolly30 April 13 12:14

First space passengers soon: Sir Richard Branson

Earth dwellers with a spare US$200,000 may have the opportunity to become astronauts next year if Virgin Galatic's commercial flights blast off on time.

Written by Byron Connolly24 April 13 07:35

CA unveils tech planning app for iPads

CA Technologies has unveiled an app that enables C-level executives to manage IT investments from their iPads.

Written by Byron Connolly24 April 13 03:28

CIOs need to be brokers of technology: CA boss

Modern CIOs need to become "brokers of technology" as the move from distributed to cloud computing places pressure on them to deliver IT infrastructure in an era where consumers are in control.

Written by Byron Connolly23 April 13 03:30

Interview: Peter Bourke, CIO, Westfield

Peter Bourke, CIO at Westfield discusses how the retailer has created mobile apps that help internal leasing and shopping centre staff to do their jobs better while improving the experience for customers.

Written by Byron Connolly18 April 13 16:19