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New board taking charge at scandal-ridden Satyam

The Indian government appointed three members to the board of Satyam Computer Services on Sunday, promising that the new board will provide direction to the company which is reeling from a financial scandal.

Written by John Ribeiro12 Jan. 09 08:01

India's competitors catching up as outsourcing hotspots

One of India's key advantages as an offshore outsourcing location was its lower cost. But it may be losing this advantage to countries like Pakistan and Vietnam, which now offer staff at far lower costs than in India.

Written by John Ribeiro12 Dec. 08 08:04

Indian CIOs Have to Offshore Work, Says Gartner

It may now be the turn of Indian companies to offshore their IT services requirements. Indian CIOs will have to consider outsourcing offshore because of a shortage of IT skills in the country and inadequate services standards of local service providers, according to research firm Gartner.

Written by John Ribeiro13 June 07 11:15

India concerned about Google Maps

The easy availability online of detailed maps of countries from services such as Google Earth can be misused by terrorists, according to Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Written by John Ribeiro18 Oct. 05 09:30

Low-cost Linux a strategic fit in India

Linux received a vote of support as a platform for corporate business applications this week as Oracle announced that seven of its new customers in India have chosen to run the company's technology and applications software on the open-source operating system, and that it has emerged as the second most popular operating system among the Oracle developers in the country.

Written by John Ribeiro16 Feb. 04 15:07

India hits back on outsourcing job fears

The Indian government went on the offensive last week on the contentious issue of the loss of US and European jobs to India due to outsourcing.

Written by John Ribeiro02 Dec. 03 07:30