Stories by Matt Hamblen

RIM silent on data outages in North America, UK

Some BlackBerry users in North America and the United Kingdom experienced data outages Monday and yesterday on Wi-Fi-equipped BlackBerries when not connected to Wi-Fi, according to user groups and some U.S. carriers.

Written by Matt Hamblen11 March 10 05:53

A WiMax phone might help ailing Palm

After Palm Inc. admitted that its smartphone sales were below expectations, rumors started swirling that the company might be sold, or that it could be beefing up its product line with a WiMax smartphone for Sprint Nextel.

Written by Matt Hamblen27 Feb. 10 09:53

Apple targets 'objectionable' apps, leaves Playboy, S.I. in App Store

Apple recently pulled thousands of sex-tinged applications from its App Store for containing "objectionable content" but has quickly come under fire for being hypocritical by retaining some other apps from well-known publishers, including Playboy and Sports Illustrated .

Written by Matt Hamblen25 Feb. 10 04:42

Video will account for bulk of mobile data in four years, Cisco says

Cisco has been saying for years that mobile video data traffic content is exploding, and it now expects the amount of video traffic in 2014 to be 66% of all mobile data traffic by 2014. That prediction came in a new forecast by the networking company.

Written by Matt Hamblen11 Feb. 10 05:04

Apple's iPad vs. e-readers

Apple's iPad is a multi-function device that focuses on multimedia and some productivity apps, but also functions as an e-reader with a new iBook store of EPub format books.

Written by Matt Hamblen02 Feb. 10 12:13

iPad's 3G unlimited service: US$30 a month on AT&T

Apple's new iPad tablet provides Wi-Fi and adds 3G wireless on some models over AT&T's network in the U.S., at what many consider a bargain price for unlimited data of US$30 a month.

Written by Matt Hamblen28 Jan. 10 08:02

Haiti text donations overwhelm Red Cross

Haiti earthquake relief donations made by text may not constitute a miracle, but the American Red Cross says it is overwhelmed by the millions of dollars it has received through $10 gifts sent via mobile phones.

Written by Matt Hamblen16 Jan. 10 09:46

Nexus One another tactic in Google's ad-revenue strategy

Dash all the announcements of a fast new Google phone called Nexus One, because today the search company made conceivably bigger news with its creation of a Google-hosted Web store for purchasing its Android devices.

Written by Matt Hamblen06 Jan. 10 22:09

Verizon updates Droid software; Users hope it fixes echo problem

An over-the-air software update to the Droid smartphone started yesterday, but it wasn't clear whether the 14 enhancements address a voice echo problem that hundreds of users complained about in online forums.

Written by Matt Hamblen09 Dec. 09 04:14

Windows Mobile smartphone sales plunge 20% in Q3

Sales of smartphones running the Window Mobile operating system declined 20% in the third quarter at the same time that total smartphone sales surged 13%, according to an analysis of newly released sales data from Gartner.

Written by Matt Hamblen13 Nov. 09 08:07

Cisco doubles down on collaboration with 61 new products

Cisco Systems has massively expanded its portfolio of collaboration technologies, announcing 61 products, including a corporate-grade hosted e-mail system called Cisco WebEx Mail as well as a social networking application and a video system to help groups securely share video content and search capabilities.

Written by Matt Hamblen09 Nov. 09 16:15