Stories by Ken Mingis

The Takeaway: Here's how Windows 10 updates will work

With Windows 10 set to roll out on July 29, the company is still putting the finishing touches on how it will offer companies and consumers regular updates and patches. One thing is certain, however: The pace of those updates will be faster than it has been in the past -- and just how fast will depend on some decisions users will have to make.

Written by Ken Mingis15 June 15 23:36

WWDC: Live updates

Computerworld tweets will keep you updated on the latest from WWDC as Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives unveil the company's plans for iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion and, presumably, new hardware.

Written by Ken Mingis11 June 12 16:57

Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigns

Apple's iconic CEO, Steve Jobs, is resigning and has asked the company's board of directors to tap COO Tim Cook as his replacement.

Written by Ken Mingis25 Aug. 11 09:02

15-in. MacBook Pro: Same look, more speed

Let's get this out of the way first thing: Apple's new MacBook Pro line of laptops, unveiled late last month and almost lost in the din of publicity around the iPad 2 launch, do not -- repeat, do not -- use flawed Sandy Bridge processors.

Written by Ken Mingis19 March 11 08:40

11.6-in. MacBook Air: Don't call it a netbook

When you first take the 11.6-in. MacBook Air out of its box, the word "netbook" will almost certainly pop into your head. After all, the diminutive size and weight of Apple's newest ultraslim laptop -- not to mention its modest 1.4-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor -- are very netbook-like.

Written by Ken Mingis29 Oct. 10 05:37

Apple to offer free cases to fix iPhone 4 antenna issue

Facing heat from customers about iPhone 4 reception and antenna problems, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today said the company plans to give away free "Bumpers" to alleviate the issue.

Written by Ken Mingis17 July 10 03:55