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Wall Street Beat: Markets recover from Japanese temblor

Global stock markets and industry supply chains have started recovering after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan and sent a massive tsunami roaring ashore to sweep away towns and factories.

Written by Dan Nystedt01 April 11 22:10

Japanese DRAM makers' woes echo rest of industry after quake

Japanese DRAM maker Elpida Memory on Monday said its factories are operating "at close to normal levels" two weeks after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake in Japan, and that it has "sufficient parts and materials to continue supplying out customers as usual until the end of July."

Written by Dan Nystedt28 March 11 21:17

Google: Android 3.0 needs more work to be smartphone ready

Google will not release the source code for Honeycomb, the version of its Android mobile OS optimized for tablets, until it completes work to make the software better for smartphones and other devices, the company said Thursday.

Written by Dan Nystedt25 March 11 19:35

Google launches online magazine, Think Quarterly

Google has launched its own quarterly online magazine, Think Quarterly, out of its operations in the U.K. and Ireland, saying that "in a world of accelerating change, we all need to take time to reflect."

Written by Dan Nystedt24 March 11 17:55

Samsung Apps store hits 100 million downloads

Over 100 million apps have been downloaded from Samsung Electronics' mobile and TV app store in less than a year after its launch, the company said Thursday.

Written by Dan Nystedt24 March 11 17:42

Oracle stops developing software for Intel's Itanium chips

Oracle on Tuesday became the latest software maker to say it will stop developing applications for Intel Itanium microprocessors, following a similar announcement by Microsoft last year and Red Hat the year before.

Written by Dan Nystedt23 March 11 16:46

Apple sues Amazon over App Store name

Apple sued on Friday, claiming rights to the name App Store, which Amazon tagged on its new application store.

Written by Dan Nystedt22 March 11 16:36

Asian tech companies chip in relief to Japan quake victims

Technology companies across Asia have found ways to help people in Japan left devastated by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake last Friday, the 7-meter tsunami it spawned, and displacement caused by troubles at a nuclear power plant there.

Written by Dan Nystedt16 March 11 20:38

Flash, DRAM prices spike on worries over supplies from Japan

Prices of widely used chips, including NAND flash memory and DRAM, have both risen sharply since the 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck and hurled tsunami waves at the northeastern part of Japan.

Written by Dan Nystedt15 March 11 22:26

Rolling blackouts, tsunami damage try Japanese companies

A day after Japan's biggest earthquake ever caused widespread destruction and as-yet uncounted deaths, Japan's biggest electronics companies are trying to ensure that employees in disaster areas are safe and facilities remain intact.

Written by Dan Nystedt13 March 11 03:00

Sony airlifts supplies to tsunami-stricken factory

Japanese electronics giant Sony airlifted emergency supplies by helicopter to hundreds of employees stuck at a Blu-ray Disc factory in Miyagi, Japan, on Saturday, a day after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake sent a massive tsunami rolling through the facility.

Written by Dan Nystedt12 March 11 20:14

AU returns fire at Sharp with LCD display patent suits in US

Taiwan's AU Optronics, one of the biggest LCD screen makers in the world, said Thursday it filed two separate lawsuits in the U.S. against Sharp, alleging the infringement of nine LCD screen-related patents in all.

Written by Dan Nystedt03 March 11 14:44