Stories by Michael deAgonia

How Apple iCloud works (and what to do when it doesn’t)

Apple’s cloud-based storage, backup and syncing service is the glue that connects iOS and macOS and makes everything work seamlessly. For those times when problems arise, we have the answers on how to fix things.

Written by Michael deAgonia11 Aug. 17 20:11

It’s not game over for Apple TV -- yet

The Apple TV is an interesting product in the company's line-up, a potential trojan horse into millions of homes. But it's falling behind the times.

Written by Michael deAgonia01 April 17 21:40

Hands on: Apple's AirPods are indeed 'magical'

The ads for Apple’s new wireless earphones say they're wireless, effortless, magical. As grandiose as that sounds, it's pretty much true.

Written by Michael deAgonia07 Jan. 17 05:03

The Apple Watch disrupts, but is that enough?

Disruptive technology doesn't come along often, and is often initially dismissed because it's easy to ignore something you've lived an entire life without. But every once in a while a bit of tech comes along that makes it easier to do what you're already doing.

Written by Michael deAgonia10 July 15 01:01

Finding your way around Apple's iOS 9

Ever since the move away from skeuomorphics in version 7, iOS has been in a state of flux -- one that many iPhone and iPad users and reviewers noted came at the expense of stability. With iOS 9 due out in public beta next month and to the general public this Spring, Apple continues refining the appearance and behavior of the software that powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. And just as it's doing with OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple is adding a variety of under-the-hood improvements and new tricks that focus on proactivity, UI refinements, and best of all, stability and performance.

Written by Michael deAgonia27 June 15 01:08

Hands-on: 48 hours with the Apple Watch

It's seemed like a long wait from when rumors of the Apple Watch first emerged two years ago to April 10, 2015, when Apple began accepting pre-orders. I was one of the lucky early purchasers and my Watch has finally arrived. So was all that anticipation worth it?

Written by Michael deAgonia02 May 15 05:02

iOS 8 packs some snappy new features

It's almost fall again, and so Apple has released the next generation of software that powers its mobile lineup: iOS 8. As always, this is a free update, and it packs new features and enhancements, both obvious and subtle.

Written by Michael deAgonia18 Sept. 14 02:16

First look: The new iPhone 5S impresses

Like countless others on Friday, columnist Michael deAgonia braved a sleepless night and long lines to get his hands on an iPhone 5S. Here's his first look at what Apple's newest phone has to offer.

Written by Michael deAgonia24 Sept. 13 10:08

Review: Apple's iOS 7 is much more than a pretty face

iOS 7 officially arrives today, giving iPhone and iPad users a mobile OS that looks radically different and offers a slew of new features. Columnist Michael deAgonia walks you through the highlights of the update.

Written by Michael deAgonia18 Sept. 13 17:30

Apple iOS 6 review: A worthwhile upgrade

Apple has officially released iOS 6, the latest update to the mobile OS that powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Michael deAgonia details what's new, what's changed and what still needs work.

Written by Michael deAgonia19 Sept. 12 19:59

Opinion: Five things to look forward to in Apple's iOS 6

Apple says there are some 200 or so new features in iOS 6, most of which are smaller tweaks and changes. But there are plenty of updates that will change, for the better, how mobile users will use their iOS devices.

Written by Michael deAgonia23 June 12 10:33