Stories by Paul Rubens

What CIOs need to know about open source forking

Forking is a concept that can strike terror into the heart of any CIO that relies on open source software. Here’s how to make sure you’re on the right side of the split.

Written by Paul Rubens05 Oct. 16 01:35

Why CIOs should care about click fraud

Click fraud is more than just a marketing problem. It presents a real security risk to your organization, experts say. CIOs need to know their enemy.

Written by Paul Rubens30 June 16 03:13

7 ways to get more from Slack

Developers share their top tips for being lazy (i.e., increasing coding efficiency) using the popular group chat app.

Written by Paul Rubens21 June 16 20:24

Why it’s time to learn COBOL

COBOL offers the promise of job security and above-average pay. Even some of the cool kids are doing it.

Written by Paul Rubens01 April 16 22:40

How can CIOs stay relevant?

In a world of ‘shadow IT’ services, CIOs need to adapt if they want to avoid being relegated to little more than technicians.

Written by Paul Rubens08 March 16 23:42

Can citizen developers bring shadow IT into the light?

Citizen developers can produce valuable businesses applications quickly, but is speed to market worth the risk of security and compliance considerations flying out of the window?

Written by Paul Rubens28 Oct. 15 16:19