Stories by Matt Asay

Exposing 2 cloud and AI myths

If you think the cloud will drive data centres to extinction and that AI projects are doomed to fail, think again.

Written by Matt Asay23 Jan. 20 11:10

How open source changed everything - again

We are all open sourcerors now. Let’s look back​ at some of the most significant open source innovations that got us here.

Written by Matt Asay27 Nov. 19 22:00

Move aside, RDBMS, NoSQL owns the future

Relational databases may keep ‘old stack’ workloads, but research suggests NoSQL databases will dominate ‘new stack’ spending

Written by Matt Asay23 Oct. 19 21:00

Should open source licences fight evil?

Open source has come under fire in recent years, with companies like MongoDB hoping to shift its very definition to include proprietary software.

Written by Matt Asay24 Sept. 19 20:00

AI gets real (sort of) in the enterprise

Turns out AI isn’t magic pixie dust to sprinkle over legacy processes and legacy tech, but a fundamental rethinking of how to do business

Written by Matt Asay18 Sept. 19 20:00

Open source has never been stronger

With cloud companies open-sourcing their innovations, and enterprises increasing participation, open source sustainability is at an all-time high.

Written by Matt Asay08 Aug. 19 20:00

Public cloud winners take all

It’s earnings season for the public cloud vendors and the chatter over who’s winning is heating up.

Written by Matt Asay25 July 19 20:00