Stories by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel

Can digital rights management and the open Web coexist?

The Netflix-backed Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) proposal, and recent revelations that requirements for DRM in HTML5 are confidential, have generated furor among advocates of the Open Web. Let's cut through the hyperbole.

Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel28 May 14 22:54

How Adobe Is Moving on From Flash to Embrace HTML5

Adobe Flash is still widely used, but it's seen as obsolete in the face of HTML5. In response, Adobe is taking several steps to adapt and contribute to a HTML5 future without browser plugins.

Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel01 May 14 01:37

How to Prepare for Web Accessibility Before the Government Forces Your Hand

In 1998, the U.S. Government updated Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, requiring federal agencies to make electronic communications accessible to disabled employees and members of the public. Standards created to comply with Section 508 list specific requirements that organizations must meet. Subpart B deals specifically with websites and lists 16 individual requirements.

Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel12 Sept. 13 14:33

4 Client-Side Web Storage Options That Replace Cookies

Several standards exist for storing large amounts of data in a user's Web browser. Each has its benefits, tradeoffs, W3C standardization status and level of browser support. All are better than cookies.

Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel03 Sept. 13 18:09

How to Ensure Privacy in the Age of HTML5

New APIs in the forthcoming HTML5 make it much easier for Web applications to access software and hardware, especially on mobile devices. The W3C is taking privacy seriously as it puts the finishing touches on HTML5, but there are still some important things to consider.

Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel25 June 13 12:47

With WebRTC, Real-Time Communications Come to the Browser

The WebRTC standard aims to make peer-to-peer communication over the Web as easy as picking up a phone. Here's what developers need to know about WebRTC, including how to set it up and what limitations the protocol currently faces.

Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel05 June 13 12:49