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How 'Facebook at Work' Could Alter the Social Enterprise Landscape

Most people don't want to be caught at work with Facebook open on their computers or smartphones, but that may change very soon. Facebook is working on a new social network for the workplace, called "Facebook at Work," that would pit the king of social media against more business-savvy stalwarts such as Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, according to the Financial Times.

Written by Matt Kapko02 Dec. 14 02:57

How to Make Sense of Facebook's Marketing Policies

Marketers have devised all sorts of creative ways to promote and sell their brands on Facebook. Of course, there are many marketing tactics Facebook doesn't want to see on its platform, and it created a specific set of policies to weed them out.

Written by Matt Kapko25 Nov. 14 04:40

How Twitter Helps 'Serial' Podcast Grow Its Audience

Twitter's director of ad research wants to piggyback on the surprising success of the weekly "Serial" podcast to illustrate his company's capability to amplify even the "oldest form of electronic media."

Written by Matt Kapko21 Nov. 14 04:09

In Pictures: 9 new Twitter features and tweaks coming in 2015

Coming soon to a Twitter timeline near you, these nine new features, which are expected to roll out during the coming year, put a new focus on video, direct messaging, alerts and notifications, and more.

Written by Matt Kapko20 Nov. 14 08:32

IBM Taps Twitter's Data to Drive Business Insights

The enterprise sector is undergoing such a transformation that companies recently deemed unfit for the corporate world are now sitting at the head of the table. So if IBM's partnership with Apple seemed like a hell-freezing-over moment in the middle of summer, last month's follow-up deal with Twitter would have to be characterized as a deep freeze.

Written by Matt Kapko19 Nov. 14 03:42

Snapchat Says Its Weaknesses Are Actually Strengths for Advertisers

Snapchat just recently started to include advertisements in its popular ephemeral messaging app, but its advertising strategy is notably different than its competitors' strategies. Snapchat says it has no interest in tricking its users into clicking ads by blurring the line between advertising and organic content created by actual users.

Written by Matt Kapko14 Nov. 14 03:23

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Earnings Tell Very Different Tales

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all recently announced their latest earnings, and the reports highlight profound differences in each of the platforms, as well as unique future opportunities. The companies, operators of three of the world's largest and most popular social networks, may be competitors, but when you enter their walled gardens the purpose and intent is increasingly varied.

Written by Matt Kapko12 Nov. 14 02:41

Facebook's Anonymous 'Rooms' Could Cause IT Headaches

A new mobile app from Facebook could prove to be a cause of concern for CIOs and IT managers. Facebook Rooms, the latest in a series of niche apps developed by Facebook's Creative Labs division, lets users anonymously create and join small online communities based on specific topics.

Written by Matt Kapko08 Nov. 14 05:25

How brands can convert Facebook users into customers

Marketing is sometimes considered a niche form of storytelling, but its stories mean nothing if they don't make brands resonate with potential customers and ultimately lead to sales. Many modern marketers view the people who connect with their brands on social media as potential leads that could become customers.

Written by Matt Kapko04 Nov. 14 02:44

6 digital marketing pros define programmatic advertising

In conversations with marketing professionals, it's rare for five minutes to pass without the topic turning to programmatic advertising. Ad dollars spent on direct programmatic initiatives are expected to reach $9.8 billion by the end of 2014, according to eMarketer.

Written by Matt Kapko29 Oct. 14 00:58

Twitter Announces 'Fabric' Framework in Attempt to Woo Mobile Devs

Last week, at Twitter's first Flight mobile developer conference, the company tried to rebuild previously burned bridges by convincing developers that it is finally expanding its platform for mobile development beyond the current scope.

Written by Matt Kapko28 Oct. 14 03:02

Social Sites Gaining Market Share Faster Than Search Engines

Google remains the dominant source of Web-traffic referrals, with more than 25 percent of all website visits coming from the search engine, according to Adobe's third-quarter 2014 digital advertising report. The company's share of search spend dipped 1 percent year-over-year to 70 percent overall.

Written by Matt Kapko16 Oct. 14 05:50

For Advertisers, True YouTube Rivals are Few and Far Between

YouTube stars are more popular than mainstream celebrities among U.S. teens, and the platform drives more sales than any other social platform today, according to recent research. YouTube has a commanding lead in the majority of categories, and nearly every company that's trying to give YouTube a run for its money is lost somewhere in the fog.

Written by Matt Kapko16 Oct. 14 00:49