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Social Media giants fail in response to online abuse

Three of the world's leading social networks -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- are woefully lacking in their response to online abuse, harassment and violence against women, according to a new report card from the Association for Progressive Communications' Take Back the Tech campaign.

Written by Matt Kapko11 Oct. 14 07:21

Social Media Still Has Little Marketing Impact in Hollywood

Social media is an opportunity unfulfilled in Hollywood. It bears surprisingly little to no impact on the success of films and TV shows, according to a group of seven film studio executives speaking here at The Grill.

Written by Matt Kapko10 Oct. 14 02:58

Why Ello Is Just an Overhyped Anti-Facebook, Social Wannabe

Ello, a new social network that's trying to make a name for itself as the latest alternative to Facebook, sure isn't much to look at. In fact, there really isn't much to do or see on Ello at all.

Written by Matt Kapko08 Oct. 14 04:44

How Facebook Plans to Control Digital Advertising

Facebook is trying to take cross-platform advertising to uncharted territory with a complete revision and relaunch of its Atlas ad serving platform. It's the second ad network of sorts from the world's largest social network and some are already suggesting how it could unleash Facebook's vault of data in ways never seen before.

Written by Matt Kapko03 Oct. 14 02:27

How Live Tweeting Is Changing Broadcast Media

Television has always been a lean-back experience, a passive activity that millions have enjoyed from their couches, recliners and bean bag chairs for decades. Social media throws a monkey wrench into all of that.

Written by Matt Kapko01 Oct. 14 00:39

Apple's Disappearing iMessage Feature Just an Act

I could not have been more wrong two months ago when I suggested that Apple was finally getting serious about social media by adding features that replicate many of the most popular messaging apps today.

Written by Matt Kapko27 Sept. 14 07:26

How to Use Facebook's New Privacy Checkup Tool

Facebook knows that many of its users are concerned with how their content is shared and has taken steps to simplify the process by which users can manage and control who they're sharing with.

Written by Matt Kapko26 Sept. 14 01:06

Most CEOs still don't get social media

Social media is a virtual ghost town for most CEOs with participation among the world's most elite leaders at embarrassing low numbers. A staggering 68 percent of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies have no social media presence at all, according to a new study from and Domo.

Written by Matt Kapko24 Sept. 14 02:55

Apple Lays Out Its Social Media Aspirations

Apple CEO Tim Cook unequivocally tells PBS' Charlie Rose that the company has no plans to be in the social media business. "We have no plans to be in the social networking area," he tells Rose without hesitation.

Written by Matt Kapko19 Sept. 14 04:21

Learn the Science of When to Post on Facebook and Twitter

Social media is as much an art form as it is an ongoing science experiment. Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is a key determining factor in the success of virtually every update, tweet or post.

Written by Matt Kapko18 Sept. 14 23:19

Twitter Erupts During Apple's iPhone and Watch Event

As is often par for the course during an Apple event, Twitter along with much of the Internet went into overdrive earlier today as Apple unveiled two new iPhones with bigger screens and a new Apple Watch

Written by Matt Kapko10 Sept. 14 18:38

Is Social Media Reviving or Killing Our Classrooms?

Remember the days when back to school meant a trip to the store for new pencils, paper and maybe a spiral notebook or two? Today's students, particularly those in the higher grades and college level, have little time or interest in those analog commodities -- they're carrying laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets.

Written by Matt Kapko10 Sept. 14 06:09

How to Make Sure Your Social Marketing Isn't 'Junk'

Less than half of the audience here at ThinkLA's Social Media breakfast raised their hands when they were asked if they find marketing useful in their personal lives.

Written by Matt Kapko06 Sept. 14 03:05

Who's Really Using Tinder (and How Are They Using It)?

There's a good chance someone you know is using Tinder as you read this. He or she is swiping left or right, looking for someone, somewhere for something. Each of those variables contributes to the service's serendipity, which makes it fun with just enough different and unexpected turns.

Written by Matt Kapko01 Sept. 14 23:56