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How to Improve Your Job Search With LinkedIn's Mobile App

Let's face it. Staring at a big screen on your lap or desk all day doesn't always make for the most conducive environment for job seeking. Amid the doldrums of unemployment, there's only so many hours to waste before the urge to get outdoors to soak up all that newfound freedom takes hold.

Written by Matt Kapko08 July 14 06:28

Tinder Mired in Sexual Harassment Scandal, but It Won't Matter

Add Tinder to the list of hot social media startups that booted one of its co-founders on the road to riches. However, this dismissal reeks of sexism, misogyny and racism, according to a lawsuit filed by Whitney Wolfe, the company's former vice president of marketing.

Written by Matt Kapko03 July 14 09:23

A Look Inside the YouTube Culture

VidCon was like a crash course in modern day pop culture. On the quad outside the main hall an army of screaming teenagers rushed from one YouTube star to the next. Some of the stars and their respective mobs were large enough to require security escorts.

Written by Matt Kapko02 July 14 08:41

Google+ Noticeably Absent at Google I/O

Google didn't just ignore its social network at its developer conference this week, writes's Matt Kapko. It's already acting as if Google+ doesn't exist at all.

Written by Matt Kapko27 June 14 06:58

Are Social Media Giants Betraying Your Trust?

The leading social media companies are outraged over NSA surveillance, but would that spying even be possible if Facebook, Google and Twitter weren't collecting data and selling it to online marketers? Social media companies unintentionally opened new windows for spies to creep into our lives, and their claims of innocence are insincere.

Written by Matt Kapko26 June 14 00:58

Facebook Takes Another Swipe at Snapchat With Slingshot

Facebook is taking another run at Snapchat. This time with an app that works more like a boomerang than a slingshot. The app's unique features and silly sounds make for a playful experience, but's Matt Kapko writes it's also an awkward, unnatural and never-ending way to live life in the moment.

Written by Matt Kapko20 June 14 05:21

How Social Media Is Enhancing the World Cup Experience

More than a billion people will tune in to watch the final match of World Cup 2014. But before then, even more will share their highs and lows on social media. (And if Twitter and Facebook can't turn you into a futbol fan, maybe a Brazilian supermodel can.)

Written by Matt Kapko14 June 14 02:06

Snapchat Must Either Grow Up or Risk Disappearing

Snapchat had a rough May, and that's even before taking into account the massive competitive threats it faces from Apple and Facebook. The company has a lot of growing up to do. And it better do it fast.

Written by Matt Kapko11 June 14 23:27

Progressive Offers Its Take on Facebook's Video Ads

What's it like being one of the first brands to use Facebook's auto-play video ads? Progressive and its agency Arnold tells the entire experience was easy, liberating and even a 'breathe of fresh air.'

Written by Matt Kapko03 June 14 05:11

Pinterest Pins Revenue Plans on Ad Targeting

The digital pin-board of choice for more than 70 million users made two significant steps on the advertising front in as many weeks. With an expanded test of ad products and targeting now underway, you can expect to see more ads as the company aims at online marketers.

Written by Matt Kapko31 May 14 03:26

In Pictures: 10 ways Google has failed with Google+

Google+ was a late but welcomed arrival to social media scene about three years ago. However, Google's answer to Facebook has failed to provide real competition. Here's a look at 10 ways the search engine king as fallen down with Google+.

Written by Matt Kapko26 May 14 08:17

How to use #hashtags on Twitter and Facebook

Hashtags are impossible to avoid on social media these days. Even after almost seven years of use, many users and brands remain confused about their actual role and purpose. Quick advice? #DontOverdoIt, #KeepItSimpleandConsistent and #BeTruetoYourself.

Written by Matt Kapko27 May 14 10:19

Traversing the Labyrinth of Social Marketing Metrics

Businesses still struggle to hone in on the most appropriate social metrics. Far too many firms emphasize vanity metrics when there remains little agreement over the true value of a follower, friend, retweet, reblog, pin or like.

Written by Matt Kapko22 May 14 03:57

How to Ensure Your Social Media Privacy

Living a genuinely private life in today's increasingly social and interconnected world requires an equal measure of patience, research and ingenuity. Of course, digital marketers say you worry too much.

Written by Matt Kapko15 May 14 06:31