Stories by Clint Boulton

What is XaaS? A way to inject agility into your digital business

Everything as a service (XaaS) is emerging as a go-to operating model for delivering IT services. Co-opting the cloud’s rapid deployment model, XaaS may also serve as a revenue engine for innovative enterprises.

Written by Clint Boulton25 Sept. 18 20:00

Innovative CIOs make shift to managing IT as a product

Aping Silicon Valley technology startups, enterprises are revamping their organizations from project-based IT service delivery to product-oriented technology supported by agile development and iterative release cycles.

Written by Clint Boulton19 April 18 20:00

6 reasons to pump the brakes on AI

Artificial intelligence is wending its way into business processes. But CIOs should pause and research the potential business impact of AI tools — both good and bad.

Written by Clint Boulton09 April 18 20:14

How to get a seat on the board: 10 tips for CIOs

CIOs serving on a range of non-profit and public boards offer some tips for IT leaders looking to navigate the process of seeking board seats.

Written by Clint Boulton04 April 18 22:49

CIO change agents: The art of the IT turnaround

CIOs from energy, education, technology and sanitation enterprises discuss how they changed the culture of their IT departments to pave the way for digital transformations.

Written by Clint Boulton27 Feb. 18 22:00

7 reasons CIOs quit (or lose their jobs)

From false promises to role changes, CIOs exit when their ability to execute their strategy or grow their careers hits a road block — a trend that may be accelerating, thanks to the rise of digital transformations.

Written by Clint Boulton08 Feb. 18 22:00

Serverless: The future of cloud computing?

While the cloud lends companies more agility, New York Times CTO Nick Rockwell says event-triggered computing cuts cost and enables more efficient application development. Welcome to the serverless era.

Written by Clint Boulton02 Jan. 18 22:00

Shadow IT: How today’s CIOs grapple with unsanctioned tech

Thanks to the cloud and mobile devices, ‘shadow IT’ has become a key concern for CIOs in every industry. Here, CIOs share their real-world experiences reining in tech outside their formal control.

Written by Clint Boulton08 Dec. 17 22:00

CIOs embrace SaaS-based TBM to quantify IT’s value

More CIOs are turning to Apptio’s analytics service to automate technology business management (TBM), a framework for aligning the value of IT services with the cost to produce them.

Written by Clint Boulton06 Dec. 17 22:00

Outsourcing remains strategic in the digital era

Companies racing to digitalize their businesses are adopting cloud computing at a rampant rate. But traditional outsourcing also remains a crucial option for CIOs looking to free up valuable IT resources.

Written by Clint Boulton30 Nov. 17 22:00

10 hot startups targeting today’s key IT initiatives

Startups remain a key resource for CIO’s seeking an innovative edge in the digital era. profiles 10 notable startups tackling key IT concerns, from artificial intelligence to data analytics to cybersecurity.

Written by Clint Boulton15 Nov. 17 22:00

What is RPA? A revolution in business process automation

Robotic process automation has gained traction as a way of automating tedious business tasks, freeing up corporate workers to tackle higher-value analysis and decision-making. But RPA requires proper design, planning and governance if it's to bolster the business, experts say.

Written by Clint Boulton13 Nov. 17 22:00