Stories by Nick Ross

Samsung Galaxy S8 phone: full, in-depth review

These phones aim to be the very best on the market and in recent years, they’ve arguably succeeded. But Samsung has always had a habit of hyping them through the roof and sending them to market laden with gimmicky features that can range from I-can’t-believe-they-invented-it to utterly terrible.

Written by Nick Ross08 May 17 10:43

​Garmin Fenix Chronos fitness tracker smartwatch review

The Fenix Chronos is Garmin’s top-end fitness-tracking smartwatch designed for corporate types who take their business as seriously as their workouts. It’s available in steel or titanium with a variety of bands including leather and link.

Written by Nick Ross12 Jan. 17 13:24

​Google Daydream View VR full, in-depth review

We’ve seen a few VR headsets for phones lately – they simply hold onto your phone and allow it to access what was until today a small world of VR videos and a few apps. Google’s Daydream View VR system is a headset plus a Bluetooth wand which finally lets you interact with virtual worlds displayed on your phone – like properly interact.

Written by Nick Ross11 Nov. 16 11:55