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Google Voice: 5 Truths Behind the Hype

Google made a news splash when it introduced a new VoIP functionality to Gmail yesterday. Gmail users based in the United States can now dial other Gmail users and accept calls from them right from their computer-a seemingly cool feature and thrifty alternative to placing long-distance calls (international rates start at 2 cents per minute).

Written by Kristin Burnham27 Aug. 10 06:46

Location-Based Services: 5 Myths Debunked

First there was location-based social network Foursquare. Then Gowalla and other sites followed suit and launched. And now with news that Facebook is slowly rolling out its own location-based technology, you can expect to hear a lot-both true and false-about what these services really are.

Written by Kristin Burnham25 Aug. 10 03:19

Facebook's 4 Big Rivals in Location-Based Technology

Facebook announced yesterday its much-anticipated location-based service, Places. Places, which is currently available only on mobile devices that support HTML 5 and with a GPS or geolocation feature, is set to pose a threat to other more-established services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, MyTown and Whrrl.

Written by Kristin Burnham20 Aug. 10 03:54

Google Apps Fits at Italian Fashion House Roberto Cavalli

Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli had an IT mess on its hands. In the last year, it reorganised internally, consolidating 27 assets into nine, and in the process, faced the challenge of streamlining its many disparate systems into one.

Written by Kristin Burnham11 Aug. 10 07:33

Social Media Aids the Election of Colombia's New President

With 50 days remaining in the Colombian Presidential Election, candidate Juan Manuel Santos's one-time lead of 30 points in the polls had plummeted. Santos and his committee suddenly found themselves 12 points behind opponent Antanas Mockus. Santos and his staffers were scrambling to regain their lead.

Written by Kristin Burnham06 Aug. 10 04:56

Twitter Tips: 5 Ways to Find Relevant Followers

Twitter has more than 100 million users, which means you're bound to encounter a lot of noise. You'll find brands hawking their products or services, some users tweeting the mundane details of their everyday lives and spammers insisting you check out their "hottest new pix!" Um, no thanks.

Written by Kristin Burnham04 Aug. 10 05:35

4 Facebook Productivity Apps - Yes, Productivity

If you're like other US Facebook users, you probably spend a good chunk of your online time aimlessly browsing wall posts, photo albums and playing games-seven hours a month, to be exact, according to a Nielsen report.

Written by Kristin Burnham21 July 10 05:54

My Enterprise 2.0 Rollout: 4 Keys to Success

Early this year, executives at Philips, a global healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle business, initiated talks on selecting and deploying an enterprise 2.0 suite for its 100,000 employees worldwide.

Written by Kristin Burnham09 July 10 06:00

15 free enterprise collaboration tools

Whether your business is looking to start small or go big, many free tools can help jumpstart your enterprise collaboration efforts. Here's a look at 15 of the best - some old, some new, some basic and some robust.

Written by Kristin Burnham30 June 10 07:35

LinkedIn Tip: Your Guide to the New 'Groups' Features

LinkedIn announced today a bundle of updates to its Groups pages-the section of the social networking site dedicated to communities of professionals based on common interests, experiences, affiliations and goals. This update, rolling to users out throughout this week, is the first major facelift for LinkedIn since Groups launched in August 2009.

Written by Kristin Burnham23 June 10 04:38

New Tool Helps You Find Employment Through Facebook

"Facebook" and "job hunting" have rarely been synonymous. The social network, largely regarded as a place to connect with friends and family, has had difficulty bridging the gap to the professional world. Sure, there are a handful of business-focused Facebook apps, but mixing your career with your personal life on Facebook has long been frowned upon. Until now.

Written by Kristin Burnham10 June 10 02:53

Google Labs All-Stars: 8 must-see projects

Have you checked out Google Labs lately? If not, it's worth a peek. The area, reserved for application and tool prototypes not yet ready for primetime, houses some cool (and crazy) ideas. Past alumni include Google Alerts, the Google Docs suite and Google Reader. Check out these eight Google Labs experiments that we'd like to see go mainstream. Which ones are already on your radar?

Written by Kristin Burnham05 June 10 11:59

LinkedIn etiquette: The right way to request new connections

We've all done this: You sign into LinkedIn, glance at the "People You May Know" box and recognise a few names. Perhaps they're former colleagues, friends from university, or maybe they're people you've never met before, but you know they'd be a good connection to make. You click "Connect," choose how you know him or her, and fire off the invitation with the typical boilerplate, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

Written by Kristin Burnham05 June 10 03:43