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Facebook Privacy Fixes: Your Guide to the Newest Changes

After feeling intense heat from its users regarding recent changes to its privacy policy, Facebook introduced new settings today. The streamlined settings are intended to help users better understand and more easily manage the information that they share.

Written by Kristin Burnham27 May 10 07:12

Facebook Privacy Fix: New Tool Finds Trouble Spots

About a week ago, as frustration with Facebook and its privacy settings reached its pinnacle, Matt Pizzimenti, a software engineer and cofounder of, launched, a site that scans your Facebook settings and warns you of what information you're exposing to the public.

Written by Kristin Burnham25 May 10 03:29

5 Must-Have LinkedIn Apps: Pump Up Your Profile

LinkedIn has introduced several new updates to their site recently, including the "Company Follow" tool, another that matches users to job openings and a number of new sharing options. But if you're looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your profile, or hope to catch the eye of a hiring manager, consider exploring LinkedIn's Applications. These add-ons make your profile dynamic and interesting, says Nathan Kievman, owner of the LinkedIn group Linked Strategies and host of weekly LinkedIn webinars. "Profiles [can be] otherwise boring and static without applications," he says.

Written by Kristin Burnham15 May 10 03:44

Google Apps FAQ

Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based productivity applications that you can access from any computer with an Internet connection, at any time. The data and the applications themselves are run from Google's data centers. Several versions of Google Apps are available: free, standard, education, non-profits and government.

Written by Kristin Burnham10 May 10 05:11

4 Facebook Apps Add Professionalism to Your Profile

Sure, trivial and time-guzzling Facebook Apps abound (Farmville, anyone?), but-believe it or not- other applications can add a hint of professionalism to your profile. You can include your LinkedIn profile, add your blog feed, include a Twitter tab and more.

Written by Kristin Burnham28 April 10 06:23

5 (More) Google Labs Projects that Should Be on Your Radar

Google Labs, a place for application and tool prototypes not yet ready for primetime, has welcomed in the past few months a group of newcomers. From Google's first foray into Twitter apps to a more visual way to peruse the best blogs and articles from the Web, this class of Google Labs has something to offer everyone.

Written by Kristin Burnham28 April 10 05:04

LinkedIn Tip: Premium Account Elevates Job Seekers

LinkedIn announced this week a new paid account exclusively for job seekers called the Job Seeker Premium Account. The upgrade, LinkedIn says, is intended to help LinkedIn members stand out from the crowd, reach out to hiring decision makers and manage their job search more effectively.

Written by Kristin Burnham21 April 10 05:02

Social Media Safety: Acceptable-Use Policies Critical

It's a Catch-22 for many companies and IT departments: Allow access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and the company is opened up to malicious content, phishing schemes and account hijackings. Block all social media sites, and the business risks losing young talent to competitors or will challenge employees to find workarounds. Which can be equally dangerous.

Written by Kristin Burnham09 April 10 04:11

Four Steps to Success for Enterprise Social Media

Mention a phrase with the word "social" in it, and many CIOs will cringe. It elicits visions of data breaches, privacy nightmares and unproductive Gen Y staffers. But whether you like it or not, there's no denying social media's presence in the enterprise.

Written by Kristin Burnham06 April 10 03:52

Google Jumps Into Social Bookmarks Game

Google jumped into social bookmarking this week with its new experimental Bookmarks feature, Lists. Lists lets you save links--handy, for example, if you're planning a vacation or compiling information for a presentation--then share them with others or keep them private.

Written by Kristin Burnham30 March 10 05:20

How to Devise a Stellar Social Media Policy: NASA's Tips

NASA has been exploring social media--a territory still foreign to many businesses--for years now. But back in 2007, as more and more employees began using external <a href="">social media sites</a>, NASA determined that it was time develop a policy--not just to protect the agency, but to protect their employees as well.

Written by Kristin Burnham22 March 10 06:43

8 Must-Have Facebook and Twitter Add-Ons

By no means are Twitter and Facebook perfect: You might wish that Facebook made it more intuitive to hide FarmVille or certain status updates. Or, maybe you wish that Twitter would introduce a new feature like nested tweets. Good news: For many of these website tweaks or suggestions, there's likely to be a script you can download to fit the bill.

Written by Kristin Burnham10 March 10 06:11

5 LinkedIn Groups to Boost Your Social Media Savvy

How familiar are you with LinkedIn Groups? This section of the social networking site (found on the top navigation bar) is dedicated to communities of professionals based on common interests, experiences, affiliation and goals. Groups can be a great source of industry information and discussions, as well as an effective way to connect with likeminded professionals.

Written by Kristin Burnham05 March 10 07:00