Stories by Stephen Lawson

Palm shows Ares WebOS development tool

Palm will introduce a Web-based development environment for WebOS applications, called Ares, by the end of this year.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 Nov. 09 09:53

HP MEMS could shake up motion sensing

That accelerometer in your new iPhone 3GS must seem pretty cool, switching the phone to landscape view and steering you through racing games and all. But it's nothing compared with what Hewlett-Packard has come up with.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 Nov. 09 02:48

Sybase smooths enterprise path for iPhones

Sybase is extending its Afaria mobile-device management platform and database software to the Apple iPhone, taking advantage of new enterprise features in Version 3.1 of the iPhone's software to give IT departments more control and capabilities on the popular handset.

Written by Stephen Lawson04 Nov. 09 08:16

Sprint plans open app store

Sprint Nextel next year will introduce a new, more open application store on its feature phones, turning to a third party to manage it with the goal of getting new offerings out to consumers in an average of one week.

Written by Stephen Lawson29 Oct. 09 08:37

Zetta opens its storage cloud to all

A cloud storage provider that designed its system from the ground up to meet enterprise needs is ready to offer its service to the world.

Written by Stephen Lawson22 Oct. 09 08:05

Networks have to get more dense, Qualcomm says

The wireless industry has reached the limits of what it can do to use radio spectrum more efficiently and needs to move on to making networks more dense through tools such as femtocells, the cofounder and the current CEO of Qualcomm said Thursday.

Written by Stephen Lawson09 Oct. 09 11:31

Lotus Domino adds native iPhone support

The latest version of IBM's Lotus Domino, set to be announced Tuesday, will natively support the Apple iPhone, allowing users to automatically synchronize e-mail, contacts and calendar data to the popular handset over the air.

Written by Stephen Lawson06 Oct. 09 15:09

T-Mobile ties Wi-Fi BlackBerries to PBXes

T-Mobile USA is expanding beyond its consumer roots on Monday with T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling with MobileOffice, a service that lets businesses extend capabilities of their desk phones to BlackBerry smartphones.

Written by Stephen Lawson05 Oct. 09 15:07

Nortel set to sell off GSM business

Nortel Networks is preparing to auction off its division that makes equipment for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks early next month, continuing the unloading of its businesses under bankruptcy reorganization.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 Oct. 09 07:33

Wi-Fi group launches full 11n certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance is launching a certification program based on the completed IEEE 802.11n standard on Wednesday and looking toward a future peer-to-peer specification it is developing on its own.

Written by Stephen Lawson30 Sept. 09 20:01

Alcatel claims new optical network speed

Alcatel-Lucent researchers said they have figured out how to multiply the speed of the fastest undersea cables by a factor of 10, an achievement that someday could send the contents of 400 DVDs hurtling from Paris to Chicago in one second.

Written by Stephen Lawson29 Sept. 09 06:50

Flash reality sinks in at Diskcon

Solid-state storage earned a hot technology's badge of honor -- a backlash -- on Wednesday at the Diskcon conference in Santa Clara, California.

Written by Stephen Lawson25 Sept. 09 07:49

iPhones take on potholes with city reporting tool

CitySourced, a startup formed by well-connected political action site, will let US citizens use a smartphone like Superman's phone booth and help save the day in their city.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 Sept. 09 08:11

HP builds collaboration tool into workstations

Hewlett-Packard is building collaboration software with video, application-sharing and 3-D graphics support into several of its workstation models, giving the high-definition conferencing market an option well below the cost and scale of telepresence.

Written by Stephen Lawson23 Sept. 09 02:18