Stories by Stephen Lawson

Alcatel integrating network layers for efficiency

Alcatel-Lucent on Wednesday set a course for tighter integration of the two main components of long-haul service-provider networks, saying it will help carriers streamline their infrastructure and run it more efficiently.

Written by Stephen Lawson17 Sept. 09 07:17

BlackBerry users get iPass client

Global Internet access aggregator iPass on Monday finally introduced a software client for Research In Motion BlackBerry handsets, giving users of the popular business devices a way to hop on faster networks and avoid expensive cellular roaming charges.

Written by Stephen Lawson16 Sept. 09 06:37

Cisco's Chambers gets $US2 million payout despite bad year

Cisco Systems gave Chairman and CEO John Chambers a discretionary incentive payment of more than US$2 million for the company's 2009 fiscal year, despite the fact that net income fell nearly 24 percent from the previous year on sales that were down almost 9 percent.

Written by Stephen Lawson07 Sept. 09 07:50

Nokia Siemens changes CEOs

The founding CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks has resigned and will be replaced by another long-term Nokia executive as the two-year-old company battles it out in a consolidating carrier-infrastructure industry.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 Sept. 09 06:26

3Com to blend security brains, enterprise brawn

3Com plans to integrate intrusion prevention technology from its TippingPoint subsidiary into networking gear from its H3C division as part of a strategy to deliver streamlined secure networks at less cost and power consumption than marquee vendors.

Written by Stephen Lawson01 Sept. 09 06:45

Document management: figure out how much storage you need

You probably know your company shouldn't save every bit of data. Given regulatory requirements and the role that electronic records play in lawsuits, some enterprises save everything just to be safe. Yet, "more companies are sensitive to the fact that we can't just keep throwing storage at the issue," says IDC analyst Rick Villars.

Written by Stephen Lawson28 Aug. 09 08:43

Amazon's data shipping goes both ways now

Amazon Web Services has expanded a shipping service for large data sets on its S3 cloud storage platform so customers can get their content back instead of just sending it.

Written by Stephen Lawson17 Aug. 09 07:14

IEEE 802.11n heads for a finish in September

The IEEE 802.11n standard is likely to be approved in September, making the high-speed wireless LAN technology official after about seven years of wrangling and refinement.

Written by Stephen Lawson22 July 09 08:01

Sun tussles with de-duplication startup

Sun Microsystems is suing startup GreenBytes for allegedly claiming that Sun stole its data de-duplication technology.

Written by Stephen Lawson15 July 09 09:22

Chrome, Android have different jobs, Google says

Google's emerging Chrome operating system won't squeeze out Android, according to Andy Rubin, the company's vice president of mobile engineering platforms.

Written by Stephen Lawson13 July 09 08:06

Broadband growth seen slowing, shifting to Asia

Nearly 650 million households will have broadband Internet service by 2013, but the growth rate of high-speed access will slow between now and then, research company Parks Associates predicted on Tuesday.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 July 09 05:55

Chambers unfazed at disrupted speech

Cisco Systems believes networking among doctors as well as among sensors in the field can help prevent pandemics, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said in a keynote address at the company's annual Cisco Live customer conference that was briefly disrupted by a protest and a technical glitch.

Written by Stephen Lawson01 July 09 07:34

Senate confirms Genachowski as FCC chairman

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Julius Genachowski, a former technology adviser to President Barack Obama's campaign and transition team, as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Written by Stephen Lawson30 June 09 04:03

Cisco's huge router reaches five-year milestone

Five years ago when Cisco Systems introduced its CRS-1 core router platform some criticized it as overkill, but it has enabled a growth in network traffic that in turn has fueled demand for thousands of the devices.

Written by Stephen Lawson28 May 09 08:56

Huawei moves up in networking's big leagues

Huawei Technologies became the third-biggest seller of mobile infrastructure in the world in the first quarter, further expanding its worldwide role on the strength of sales both inside and outside its native China.

Written by Stephen Lawson25 May 09 07:46