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Amazon S3 lets customers ship big data

Amazon's S3 cloud storage service has a new option, called AWS Import/Export, for quickly uploading large amounts of information to its data centers. It uses a well-developed, multimodal content delivery network that can transmit terabytes of data faster than a T-3 leased line.

Written by Stephen Lawson22 May 09 10:16

Wi-Fi hikes security by adding to WPA2 requirements

The Wi-Fi Alliance has expanded its WPA2 certification program to include a tool for secure handoffs between Wi-Fi and 3G networks, as well as an authentication system that uses multiple secured tunnels.

Written by Stephen Lawson20 May 09 04:15

Cisco's Chambers sees hope after recession

The current recession is almost the opposite of the 2001 downturn for Cisco Systems because of permanent cost-cutting and the company's move into new technologies and markets, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said Monday.

Written by Stephen Lawson19 May 09 04:12

WiGig Alliance to push for fast wireless streaming

A group that includes Intel, Microsoft, Nokia and Panasonic plans to introduce a specification for short-range, gigabit-speed wireless networking by the end of this year.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 May 09 10:13

BlackBerry push API goes after consumers

Research In Motion is injecting the power of its popular BlackBerry push technology into the consumer arena by letting third-party developers write applications that tap into it.

Written by Stephen Lawson05 May 09 10:57

Efficiency key to Avaya's success, Giancarlo says

Charles Giancarlo spent more than a decade at Cisco Systems and was widely considered a likely heir to Chairman and CEO John Chambers before he left last year for investment company Silver Lake Partners. Then Silver Lake orchestrated a private-equity buyout of Cisco rival Avaya, and Giancarlo stepped in as interim president and CEO. In January, former JDS Uniphase chief Kevin Kennedy will take over day-to-day operations as president and CEO, and Giancarlo will become chairman. Stephen Lawson of the IDG News Service spoke with Giancarlo on Tuesday after he delivered the opening keynote at VoiceCon in San Francisco.

Written by Stephen Lawson17 Nov. 08 09:03

Is America ready for its first BlackBerry president?

The next US president could shape cybersecurity, government research initiatives, intellectual property laws, and wired and wireless communications services in ways that affect both enterprise IT executives and average citizens. Yet some experts say he could handle all this without having Twittered, texted or even used a PC, although his familiarity with information technologies might strongly affect his policies.

Written by Stephen Lawson14 Aug. 08 09:33

Back-end systems could save a city Wi-Fi project

Poor coverage and unworkable business models have plagued many municipal Wi-Fi projects, but the city of Lompoc, California, says managing subscribers was one of the things it needed to improve before getting its project back on track.

Written by Stephen Lawson15 July 08 08:31

Wells Fargo, Visa Test Pay-By-Phone in US

Mobile payments and banking are now moving into the US through some big names, but the speedy checkout system is slow to put in place.

Written by Stephen Lawson28 June 07 15:57

Will Enterprises Hang Up on Desk Phones?

Enterprise desktop phones face growing competition from wireless handsets, but they aren't going the way of the typewriter just yet.

Written by Stephen Lawson29 May 07 11:42

Intel kicks off global wireless networking initiative

Intel publicly lined up behind municipal wireless networking projects on Thursday, kicking off an initiative with hardware, software and networking partners to help communities around the world carry out the sometimes controversial rollouts.

Written by Stephen Lawson19 Aug. 05 07:30

VOIP players gear up for fast-growing market

Vendors and service providers this week will celebrate VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) breaking into the mainstream of telecommunications with a slew of new and upgraded products at one of the young industry's biggest trade shows.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 March 05 08:13

Speaking with One Voice

Voice-activated services are gaining attention as workers get increasingly mobile and always-available support is the rule rather than the exception

Written by Stephen Lawson10 Sept. 03 18:27