Stories by Gregg Keizer

Microsoft blackballs pirates from Security Essentials

Microsoft will block users running counterfeit copies of Windows from installing the free Security Essentials antivirus software, the head of the company's anti-piracy group said yesterday.

Written by Gregg Keizer01 Oct. 09 03:44

Rivals mock Microsoft's free security software

Although one of the top consumer security vendors welcomed Microsoft's Security Essentials to the market, another dismissed the new free software as a "poor product" that will "never be up to snuff."

Written by Gregg Keizer30 Sept. 09 06:32

Mozilla slams Google's Chrome Frame as 'browser soup'

Mozilla executives today took shots at Google for pitching its Chrome Frame plug-in as a solution to Internet Explorer's poor performance, with one arguing that Google's move will result in "browser soup."

Written by Gregg Keizer30 Sept. 09 06:00

Google barks back at Microsoft over Chrome Frame security

Google has hit back at Microsoft, defending the security of its new Chrome Frame plug-in and claiming that the software actually makes Internet Explorer (IE) safer and more secure.

Written by Gregg Keizer28 Sept. 09 08:58

Microsoft, i4i square off in appeals hearing over Word

A federal appeals court today heard arguments in a patent infringement case involving Word that required Microsoft to pay nearly US$300 million in damages and barred the company from selling the software starting Oct. 10.

Written by Gregg Keizer24 Sept. 09 07:54

Mozilla plans to 'ribbonize' Firefox

Mozilla plans to "ribbonize" Firefox for Windows Vista and Windows 7 to reduce clutter and free up space for the browser display, according to company planning documents.

Written by Gregg Keizer23 Sept. 09 07:24

Apple fixes Flash snafu in Snow Leopard, patches 33 bugs in Leopard

Less than two weeks after Apple launched Snow Leopard, the company today issued the new operating system's first security update. In a separate upgrade, Apple patched 33 vulnerabilities in 2007's Leopard, and about half as many in the even older Tiger.

Written by Gregg Keizer11 Sept. 09 13:18

Mozilla patches 10 Firefox 3.5 vulnerabilities

Mozilla on Wednesday patched 10 security vulnerabilities in Firefox 3.5, all but one ranked critical, as it delivered the first update that automatically checks for outdated versions of the popular Flash Player plug-in.

Written by Gregg Keizer11 Sept. 09 06:39

Steve Jobs returns, kicks off Apple event

Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at his company's iPod event today, the first time he has appeared in public since October 2008.

Written by Gregg Keizer10 Sept. 09 03:51

Microsoft: Patching Windows 2000 'infeasible'

Microsoft took the unusual step today and skipped patching one of the vulnerabilities addressed in its monthly security update, saying that crafting a fix was "infeasible."

Written by Gregg Keizer09 Sept. 09 07:31

Microsoft: Upgrade Messenger or else

Microsoft will force an upgrade on users of its Windows Live Messenger instant messaging software in September to plug a hole the company introduced when a programmer added an extra character to a code library.

Written by Gregg Keizer01 Sept. 09 08:01

Microsoft promises patch for critical Web server bug

Microsoft yesterday said it is working on a patch for a bug in its popular Web server software, but it's unlikely the company will field a fix fast enough to make next week's regular release, a security expert predicted.

Written by Gregg Keizer03 Sept. 09 06:23