Stories by John Brandon

Must-have data center utilities: Picks by IT pros

Not everything is handed to data center managers on a silver platter. Sure, a few administrative tools arrive on freshly produced discs right from the server vendor. But there are some indispensable tools you can get from third parties, open-source providers or even IT colleagues with some extra time to develop apps.

Written by John Brandon14 June 11 01:47

Six rising threats from cybercriminals

Hackers never sleep, it seems. Just when you think you've battened down the hatches and fully protected yourself or your business from electronic security risks, along comes a new exploit to keep you up at night. It might be an SMS text message with a malevolent payload or a stalker who dogs your every step online. Or maybe it's an emerging technology like in-car Wi-Fi that suddenly creates a whole new attack vector.

Written by John Brandon20 May 11 01:13

Data centers experiment with new power sources

Data center power usage is soaring -- the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that data center energy requirements will double in the next five years. To address that surge in energy use, some companies are turning to alternative sources of energy, including solar arrays, natural gas turbines, wind power, fuel cells and hydro power. But one big question is whether these power sources will deliver a return on investment in the near future.

Written by John Brandon10 May 11 01:58

Videoconferencing for every budget

There's nothing like face-to-face meetings for really connecting with clients or team members, but with air travel becoming ever more expensive (and ever less pleasant), frequent in-person meetings are becoming less viable for many businesses. That means your best option is usually a videoconference.

Written by John Brandon08 Jan. 11 04:20

How retailers are using location-based services

What's happening -- Businesses are integrating location-based services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and Socialight into enterprise applications. For example, ice cream retailer Tasti D-Lite incorporated Foursquare into its loyalty program, providing extra reward points for customers who check in at a store using the application.

Written by John Brandon29 Oct. 10 06:36

Six enterprise security leaks you should plug now

The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable, a testament to the engineering prowess of its day and the fact that luxury liners rarely collided with massive icebergs.

Written by John Brandon13 Oct. 10 04:49

CRM: What to Consider When Choosing a System

What's Happening: The customer-relationship management software you installed ten years ago is showing its age just as the market for CRM software has fully matured. You have choices now between on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Written by John Brandon07 Sept. 10 03:49

6 cool innovations for the data center

Sure, consumer gadgets are getting most of the attention these days, but data centers are getting some love too. These new products and technologies promise to solve real data center problems or are already working to make enterprise operations run more smoothly. How many are on your wish list?

Written by John Brandon03 Aug. 10 01:46

Storage Virtualization: When to Invest

Storage virtualization is becoming more common as companies realize the benefits of consolidating storage-area networks and streamlining their management. As with applications and servers, storage virtualization enables IT departments to decouple data from dedicated devices. An appliance serves as a go-between from applications and operating systems to the mass storage, enabling you to manage them all using one console. Thirty-eight percent of IT professionals surveyed recently by CIO said they are piloting or have deployed virtual storage technology, and another 31 percent are interested in it.

Written by John Brandon14 May 10 07:51

Other enterprise e-mail cloud options

Microsoft and Google aren't the only cloud e-mail providers setting their sights on the enterprise. Here's a look at some others.

Written by John Brandon29 April 10 04:40

The supercomputer on your desktop

High-performance computing (HPC) has almost always required a supercomputer - one of those room-size monoliths you find at government research labs and universities.

Written by John Brandon17 Feb. 10 06:59

Telepresence: For Power Users Only

What it is: Telepresence is a high-definition room-to-room video conferencing system marketed by vendors such as Cisco, Polycom and Hewlett-Packard.

Written by John Brandon27 Nov. 09 07:18

Hype Watch: The Kindle and other e-readers

The Amazon Kindle and other e-readers have potential as a business device. But they need more capabilities to catch on in the enterprise.

Written by John Brandon24 Sept. 09 06:50

Is the Amazon Kindle good for business?

What It Is: Big business has learned its lesson about paper consumption: We read Word docs on laptops, use the copier sparingly and print only what we need. Yet, the paperless office is still a distant dream. E-Readers at least give the trees--and therefore the human race--a chance. The 170 dot-per-inch screen resolution--well over twice that of the typical computer monitor--lessens eye fatigue. Right now, the Amazon Kindle DX, with its 9.7-inch screen, is as close to reading printed material as possible on an electronic device.

Written by John Brandon11 Aug. 09 08:00