Stories by Rebecca Linke

This Mother’s Day, a look at women in IT

We revisit some of the women making names for themselves in tech, and take a deeper look at the overall state of gender diversity in the field.

Written by Rebecca Linke12 May 17 20:00

Premier 100 IT Leader: Gerry McCartney

<a href="">Purdue University</a> wants its students to succeed, and it's using big data to make that happen.

Written by Rebecca Linke23 Feb. 15 22:43

Premier 100 IT Leader: Angela Yochem

BDP International, a company that specializes in shipping sensitive materials, has a history of investing in technology as part of its strategic plan. So when it became clear that the aging system it was using for clients' business processes wasn't as efficient or as cost-effective as it could be, the company's IT leaders knew it was time for a change.

Written by Rebecca Linke24 Feb. 14 15:25

In Pictures: 8 tech gadgets that multitask

Looking for a really multifunctional gift? These mobile devices offer at least two (and sometimes more) uses -- and in very imaginative ways.

Written by Rebecca Linke16 Dec. 13 08:45

In Pictures: 11 new gadgets for fantastic photos

Picture taking, whether you use a smartphone or digital camera, doesn't have to be boring. Here are some cameras and peripherals that can help you create truly marvelous photos.

Written by Rebecca Linke09 Dec. 13 09:16

In pictures: 11 eye-catching solar tech projects

From the world's largest solar furnace to a still that turns salt water into drinking water, the range of devices that harness the sun's energy is breathtaking. Here are some of our favourites.

Written by Rebecca Linke10 Sept. 13 08:26

In Pictures: Look, ma, no hands! 9 mounts for mobile devices

On the desk or on the go, it is often inconvenient -- and sometimes dangerous -- to have to hold your smartphone or tablet. These mounts for your car, office or home let you drive, work or play hands-free.

Written by Rebecca Linke22 July 13 08:12