Stories by Jon Gold

What to expect from Wi-Fi 6 in 2019

Wi-Fi 6 – aka 802.11ax – will begin to make its way into new installations in 2019, bringing with it a host of technological upgrades aimed at simplifying wireless-network problems.

Written by Jon Gold02 Nov. 18 05:32

What’s the IoT doing to your data center?

The internet of things devices gather massive amounts of data in corporate settings, and that puts a range of demands on networks and data centers.

Written by Jon Gold26 Oct. 18 21:00

Wi-Fi 6 is coming to a router near you

The Wi-Fi alliance has changed the naming scheme for Wi-Fi standards, abandoning the 802.11 designations for simpler names like Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 4, etc., but that may gloss over some of the finer points of the old IEEE system.

Written by Jon Gold09 Oct. 18 21:00

Woz takes a broad but hopeful view on AI, IoT

Computing icon and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak touched on a wide range of topics in a discussion with the audience at the 2018 Fog World Congress, in which he expressed his hope that AI and IoT could allow computers to help improve people’s lives.

Written by Jon Gold04 Oct. 18 12:56

Edge computing is the place to address a host of IoT security concerns

Security around IoT, and around industrial IoT in particular, is becoming a critical concern for businesses that might not be used to dealing with a new generation of cybersecurity threats. The use of edge architectures offers a great deal of promise in addressing those threats, but it’s not a drop-in solution to such problems.

Written by Jon Gold26 Sept. 18 20:00

IoT gets smarter but still needs backend analytics

Most IoT devices lack the computational power to carry out the level of machine learning necessary in truly smart IoT deployments, but they can act on the lessons machine-learning provides.

Written by Jon Gold31 Aug. 18 20:00

Lab makes data sharing easier so medical IoT devices can be smarter

Researchers at the Medical PnP laboratory are looking to save lives through smarter, more interoperable healthcare technology using open standards, medical expertise and testing equipment that simulates health conditions to encourage easier integration of IoT devices and new sharing apps that can expand their capabilities.

Written by Jon Gold10 Aug. 18 20:00