Stories by Jon Gold

Linaro boasts up to 100% speed boost for Android

Developers at open-source nonprofit organization Linaro have posted a set of code tweaks for Android, enabling up to 100% increases in performance, compared to a vanilla version of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

Written by Jon Gold11 June 12 19:28

Cerf: Secret wartime projects drove 'incredible' advances

The Enigma cypher machine used by the German military in World War II is still a tough nut to crack today. The total number of ways it can be configured for every letter is around 150 million million million. That's enough to keep it beyond the reach of all but the most determined of brute force attacks.

Written by Jon Gold11 June 12 16:36

Berners-Lee, MIT's Clark offer glimpses into the future of the Internet

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, speaking at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Mass., Tuesday night with MIT Senior Research Scientist David Clark, said that participation in the information society must be regarded as a right, not a privilege.

Written by Jon Gold07 June 12 19:47

Can Mozilla right the ship?

Several years ago, Mozilla was a real up-and-comer -- its Firefox browser was the first serious challenger to Internet Explorer in a long time, and the company's identity with open source enhanced its public perception as a worthy upstart.

Written by Jon Gold07 June 12 10:36

Cerf: IPv6 'launch' was 20 years in the making

The official World IPv6 Launch event yesterday, passed with little if any attention from the typical Internet user. For some in the Internet engineering community, however, the day marked the culmination of two decades' worth of work.

Written by Jon Gold06 June 12 20:51

Splashtop releases virtual Windows 8 environment for Android tablets

Want to try out Windows 8's Metro interface, without having to ditch your Android tablet? Now you can. Remote desktop vendor Splashtop announced Wednesday that it would add Android support to its Windows 8 Metro testbed product, which allows users to simulate a Metro tablet environment.

Written by Jon Gold06 June 12 17:40

Silver Peak bolsters virtual WAN optimization software

Silver Peak today upgraded the software for its WAN appliance to handle automated optimization for TCP and non-TCP traffic, 512,000 simultaneous connections for 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) infrastructures and support for a bunch of common hypervisors.

Written by Jon Gold22 May 12 02:27

From laptop to legion - turning one computer into many

A recently launched Kickstarter-funded project aims to bring $50 thin clients to schools and small businesses, allowing them to turn almost any computer into a multi-user hub.

Written by Jon Gold17 May 12 02:49

New engine to power Xangati's performance monitoring product

The latest version of Cupertino-based Xangati's virtual dashboard product will boast a new performance management engine and the ability to work with eight instances of VMware vCenter, instead of just one.

Written by Jon Gold15 May 12 23:42

Five ways to improve data center power efficiency you might not have thought of

LAS VEGAS -- While few doubt the importance of maximizing the energy efficiency of their corporate data centers, executive vice president of data center technology for Las Vegas-based Switch, Mark Thiele's talk at Interop this week showcased just how much companies might still be missing. 

Written by Jon Gold11 May 12 00:41

Interop panelists debate future of physical WAN optimizers

The need for a dedicated physical appliance to handle WAN optimization tasks, in many cases, is a thing of the past, according to experts who participated in a panel discussion Tuesday at Interop in Las Vegas.

Written by Jon Gold10 May 12 07:19

Ceph spinoff looks to monetize open-source storage framework

The main developers behind the popular Ceph open-source storage framework announced today that they have created a new company, dubbed Inktank, to provide paid support and consulting for the system.

Written by Jon Gold04 May 12 06:38