Stories by Jon Gold

Running the "world's largest temporary network" no easy task

Putting on a major convention like Interop Las Vegas requires Herculean efforts on several fronts. Thousands of hotel rooms booked. Millions of miles flown. Goodness knows how many packets of airline peanuts consumed.

Written by Jon Gold27 April 12 02:32

Social predators still gaming the system on Facebook

Despite an increasingly severe crackdown by the ubiquitous social network, malicious activity and spam on Facebook are still both widespread and profitable, according to Barracuda research scientist Daniel Peck.

Written by Jon Gold21 April 12 04:34

Raspberry Pi hits the shelves – briefly

The first wave of Raspberry Pi computers -- credit card-size devices that are designed to serve as teaching aids -- shipped this weekend after a series of delays. However, manufacturer RF Technologies is already out of stock again.

Written by Jon Gold17 April 12 09:30

VMware marks PaaS birthday with open-source management tool

A new release management and deployment framework known as BOSH was released Wednesday by VMware, one year after the roll-out of its Platform-as-a-Service Cloud Foundry. In an official blog post marking the event, the Cloud Foundry team said that BOSH should make it easier for end-users of the platform to manage production instances of their apps.

Written by Jon Gold13 April 12 03:46

NASA announces Open Government Plan 2.0

The use of open-source ideals -- both inside and outside of the software realm -- is at the heart of the latest version of NASA's Open Government Plan, which was announced Tuesday in an official blog post.

Written by Jon Gold11 April 12 04:29

Meet the Linux Tycoon tycoon

If the idea of a game about managing a hypothetical Linux distribution doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, you probably aren't alone. In fact, you'd probably guess, if you had to, that no such game existed.

Written by Jon Gold07 April 12 00:27

Mozart on the mousepad

If you like the idea of going to an orchestra concert but hate the thought of having to watch flesh-and-blood musicians perform (two words: spit valve), an event called SLEO may have you covered.

Written by Jon Gold05 April 12 01:39

Dell's acquisition a Wyse one, analysts say

Dell's announcement on Monday that it had finalized an agreement to acquire thin client maker Wyse allows the company to fill a portfolio gap that had been exploited by competitors such as HP, according to industry experts.

Written by Jon Gold03 April 12 05:43

New IBM CEO in middle of Masters golf controversy

Two long-standing traditions at Augusta National Golf Club are on a collision course just a week before the institution's biggest event of the year. The host of the Masters, one of professional golf's most prestigious competitions, has never admitted a female member -- but the club's partnership with IBM has historically meant that the CEO of that company is offered one of the iconic green membership jackets.

Written by Jon Gold31 March 12 05:44