Stories by Jon Gold

Is there a 'best' way to set up your private Cloud storage?

Given that Cloud computing is still emerging, it shouldn't come as a surprise that opinions vary widely on the best way to architect the storage. In fact, it seems likely that there is no such panacea - different types of private Cloud almost always require different approaches.

Written by Jon Gold28 March 12 06:24

Iceland latest to make big noises about open source

A recent report that the government of Iceland is making progress in its efforts to adopt open-source software is the latest indication that public sector IT leaders are increasingly interested in moving away from proprietary products.

Written by Jon Gold23 March 12 07:38

Chrome's trumping of Internet Explorer could herald things to come

The news that Google's Chrome browser had briefly surpassed Internet Explorer, based on data compiled by StatCounter, as the most-used on the web last weekend may have taken some by surprise, but this writing has been on the wall for some time.

Written by Jon Gold22 March 12 04:40

Linux 3.3 released after minor delay

Version 3.3 of the Linux kernel was released on Sunday, adding support for a new processor architecture, re-integrating the Android code base back into the main line, and introducing networking improvements.

Written by Jon Gold20 March 12 04:41

Amazon uses nearly half a million servers to power EC2, researcher estimates

Although most end users never get a clear view of the infrastructure underlying the services they consume via Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, Accenture Research Manager Huan Liu recently estimated that a whopping 454,400 individual blade servers are currently being used to power that product.

Written by Jon Gold17 March 12 07:39

Linux kernel 3.3 delayed

Linux kernel creator and curator Linus Torvalds on Saturday announced the seventh release candidate for Version 3.3 of the software in a message to a developer mailing list, according to a report from The H Online.

Written by Jon Gold14 March 12 05:43

Nvidia''s embrace of Linux Foundation highlights open source's growing status

The announcement this week that chipmaker Nvidia is among the latest crop of companies to join the Linux Foundation is a sign of the growing importance of open source to the business sector -- and a reversal for a firm that, traditionally, hasn't been counted among the stalwarts of that community.

Written by Jon Gold10 March 12 04:48