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SanDisk Ultra Backup USB drive (32GB)

While many external drives now come with a physical push-button backup option, a new genre of backup devices is emerging: one-touch USB flash drives that combine the convenience of small size with relatively sophisticated backup applications for data protection.

Written by Lucas Mearian19 May 09 16:20


In my quest to test all of the latest high-capacity consumer solid-state disk (SSD) drives, I came upon OCZ Technology's Apex SATA II SSD and was impressed not so much with its performance -- though you will see a boost when using it -- as with its price.

Written by Lucas Mearian11 May 09 16:45

Court bars EMC top exec from working for HP

A state court in Massachusetts Monday issued a temporary order barring a former EMC top storage executive from joining Hewlett-Packard as its executive vice president for enterprise servers, storage and networking citing a noncompetitive agreement.

Written by Lucas Mearian06 May 09 06:29

Top EMC storage exec jumps ship for HP

Top EMC storage executive David Donatelli has abruptly left the company to join rival Hewlett-Packard Co. as executive vice president for enterprise servers, storage and networking, HP announced yesterday.

Written by Lucas Mearian30 April 09 01:02

Layoffs leave orphaned hardware, unused software licenses

Pat Beemer, IT director for Seattle Lighting, has a lot of orphaned computer hardware and unused software licenses on his hands -- the result of what he calls "serious" layoffs at the company.

Written by Lucas Mearian12 March 09 08:38

Hospitals with better IT have fewer deaths, study shows

The level of technology deployed by hospitals to help doctors and nurses automate their work can mean the difference between life and death, according to a recently-reported study. The study, involving more than 167,000 patients in 41 hospitals across the US, also showed that better IT lowered costs.

Written by Lucas Mearian02 Feb. 09 08:32

Symantec's CIO on piracy, new licensing portal

Symantec launched a new online software licensing program on Nov. 6, about the same time it unveiled Veritas Backup Exec 11d. Users are complaining that they have to wait for Backup Exec upgrade notices because of a backlog of people trying to register on the new licensing site. Symantec's CIO, David Thompson, and public relations manager, Cris Paden, told Computerworld that the new licensing system is necessary to help thwart a "humongous" piracy ring that has been costing Symantec more than US$10 million every year. Excerpts from the interview follow:

Written by Lucas Mearian19 Dec. 06 10:52

The 100-Year Archive Dilemma

As more organisations store more data longer, the IT industry seeks a better way.

Written by Lucas Mearian28 July 05 11:00