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  • 3 Ways Technology Improves Road Race Registration

    Like most previously paper processes, road race registration has moved online. This offers convenience to runners, but it can be a headache for unprepared race directors. Here's how three organizations handle the traffic, testing and analysis of their runner registration systems.

    Written by Jen A. Miller19 March 14 15:52
  • 20 SEO tools to help you achieve, measure success

    The basics of search engine optimisation are, well, basic: Build good, easy-to-find content, and promote it via social media, and they will come. But there's nothing wrong with adding to your arsenal SEO tools that will help you create more targeted content and a more visible website.

    Written by James A. Martin08 Feb. 13 10:22
  • Does Obama really have an internet kill switch?

    Several bills addressing cybersecurity are on the agenda in Congress this year, including a proposal that would allow the president to shut down parts of the Internet.

    Written by Grant Gross29 March 11 08:04
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  • 4 Client-Side Web Storage Options That Replace Cookies

    Several standards exist for storing large amounts of data in a user's Web browser. Each has its benefits, tradeoffs, W3C standardization status and level of browser support. All are better than cookies.

    Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel03 Sept. 13 18:09