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  • Open source tool could sniff out most heavily censored websites

    Georgia Tech researchers are seeking the assistance of website operators to help better understand which sites are being censored and then figure out how to get around such restricted access by examining the data collected.

    Written by Bob Brown08 July 14 04:56
  • Report: Iran, Syria using Blue Coat gear to squelch dissent

    A report issued today by the Canadian group Citizen Lab says that network security hardware made by well-known manufacturer Blue Coat Systems is being used for political censorship by the repressive governments of Iran, Syria and Sudan.

    Written by Jon Gold09 July 13 23:17
  • WikiLeaks: China pressured Google on Internet censorship

    Google's struggles to operate its search engine in China worsened after a high-ranking Chinese official Googled himself only to find "results critical of him," according to a new cable> released by WikiLeaks on Saturday.

    Written by Michael Kan06 Dec. 10 18:17
  • North Korea-linked Facebook page deleted again

    For the second time in less than a week a Facebook account created by a North Korea-linked Web site has been deleted by the social networking site.

    Written by Martyn Williams25 Aug. 10 04:05
  • Facebook deletes North Korean account, but it resurfaces

    A Facebook account established by a North Korea-linked Web site was deleted by the social networking service on Friday, but a new group sprang up over the weekend to take its place.

    Written by Martyn Williams24 Aug. 10 05:42
  • Bomb-making tips tied to blog shut-down

    The Internet has been abuzz with rumors and conjecture about why blogging Web site Blogetery.com and its reported 70,000 bloggers went dark last week.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin21 July 10 08:56
  • Google still censoring porn for redirected Chinese users

    Google is still censoring pornographic search results for users in China, even though they are now being redirected to a Google search engine that does not block sensitive political content.

    Written by Owen Fletcher25 March 10 06:46
  • Google asks Apps admins to monitor China situation

    Organizations that use the Google Apps hosted collaboration and communication suite and that have employees in mainland China should monitor closely the availability of the suite's applications, the company warned.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 March 10 06:40
  • Google starts losing business partners in China

    Google's decision to stop censoring Internet search results in China has apparently led to one business casualty already, the end of a search agreement with Tom Online.

    Written by Dan Nystedt24 March 10 06:53
  • Wikipedia founder praises Google over China decision

    A co-founder of popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia praised Google for its decision to stop censoring Internet searches in China and called on other major U.S. companies, including Microsoft and Facebook, to follow.

    Written by Dan Nystedt24 March 10 06:16
  • China: Google 'totally wrong' to stop censoring

    Google was "totally wrong" to stop censoring results on its China-based search engine, Chinese state-controlled media cited a government official as saying early Tuesday.

    Written by Owen Fletcher23 March 10 12:33
  • Maybe Google won't quit China after all

    Despite its recent threats to possibly shut down its China-based operations, Google may in fact keep some of its businesses open there.

    Written by Jeff Bertolucci27 Jan. 10 10:16