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  • IT's new concern: The personal Cloud

    As personal and professional Clouds converge, IT's mission to improve productivity while protecting corporate apps and data is getting tougher.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell20 May 13 10:14
  • How to craft the best BYOD policy

    What is a good BYOD policy? Step one is to clarify the rights of both company and employee and state upfront what's business and what's personal. But there's a lot more to it. In this interview with a technology transactions lawyer, explores the do's and don'ts of BYOD policies.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige01 May 13 17:31
  • Highly regulated companies tiptoe into social media

    Some healthcare providers, financial services firms and other companies in highly regulated industries are taking full advantage of social media, even though they're awash in rules. Here's how they do it.

    Written by Linda Melone11 Feb. 13 11:13
  • How BYOD saved VMware $US2 million

    As more companies adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to mobile, many are getting caught by hidden costs. But virtualization titan VMware has bucked that trend. VMware CIO Mark Egan explains how his company accomplished its feat.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud01 Feb. 13 15:20
  • How Consumerization of IT Led Kaplan to Google Apps

    At Kaplan, a genuine enthusiasm for technology comes from the top: Its CIO embraces the consumerization of IT and wants employees to be as excited about technology as he is. That culture led Kaplan to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps and, mostly recently, to Google+.

    Written by Kristin Burnham17 Jan. 13 15:29
  • New year, new you: The IT manager's revitalization guide

    Before diving into what's sure to be another rollercoaster year in IT, take a moment to retool your personal and professional priorities with some of our most insightful tech management articles.

    Written by Computerworld Staff01 Jan. 13 11:09
  • One reliable prediction for 2013: BYOD still a bear for IT

    Next year could well be the year that many IT leaders finally start to get their mobile computing management house in order. But it will be severa more before the get a handle on it, one analyst said.

    Written by Matt Hamblen14 Dec. 12 13:07
  • Nearly half of IT shops ignore BYOD

    A multinational survey more than 3,000 workers revealed that they believe their IT shops turn a blind eye toward the use of mobile devices for business purposes, either because theyre unaware of it or because theyre actively ignoring it.

    Written by Lucas Mearian29 Nov. 12 11:15