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  • Are Mobile Apps Leaving Quality Assurance Practices Behind?

    Consumerization of IT and BYOD have increasingly put IT organizations on the hook to deliver continuous access to employees and customers. But despite the focus on mobility, quality assurance of mobile apps is being left behind.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud22 Oct. 12 16:07
  • Tower, tower, come in tower

    It is hard to put your finger on any one thing that sums up developments in the world of IT this year, but a speaker at one of Network World's recent IT Roadmap conferences had an interesting analogy that seems apt.

    Written by John Dix19 Dec. 11 22:31
  • New Year's resolutions 2012

    Last month I made some predictions for the Top 10 trends that will affect your work life in 2012. Now that the New Year's celebrations are behind us, it's a good time to reflect on what your Top 10 New Year's resolutions might be (beyond losing 10 pounds or learning to hang glide). My humble suggestions for you are:

    Written by Michael Friedenberg16 Dec. 11 11:56
  • CIO letter: Top 10 tech predictions for 2012

    As we end a transformational year in enterprise tech, you may wonder: What next? I think these 10 trends will reshape business and the CIO role:

    Written by Michael Friedenberg01 Dec. 11 05:02
  • InfoWorld's guide to a successful BYOD and mobile IT strategy

    It's the biggest shift in IT in years: the consumerization-of-IT trend that gained major traction with the advent of the iPhone and other modern mobile devices, causing most businesses to let employees bring -- or at least choose -- their own smartphones and tablets, all in fewer than two years.

    Written by Galen Gruman23 Nov. 11 02:25
  • InfoWorld's top 10 emerging enterprise technologies

    Everyone is a trend watcher. But at a certain point, to determine which trends will actually weave their way into the fabric of business computing, you need to first take a hard look at the technologies that gave life to the latest buzz phrases.

    Written by InfoWorld staff21 Nov. 11 22:10
  • IT consumerization: It's biblical!

    Once upon a time, IT said unto select employees (in biblical tones): "Thou lucky employee, thou shalt have this very expensive cellphone (sign here) and thou shalt want no other. Go forth and communicate," adding, "and, lo, thou shalt also have this very expensive laptop (sign here as well) and thou better not break it, buster. Now, go forth and lug it around the country and give presentations and whatever else it is you do. Begone."

    Written by Mark Gibbs07 Nov. 11 22:28
  • Q&A: Why consumerization won't kill corporate IT

    The consumerization of IT is old news at this point, since workers have been bringing their iPhones and Android-based devices to work for years now.

    Written by Brad Reed03 Oct. 11 15:30