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  • Money talks, and that's all quantum maker D-Wave has to say

    The quantum computing technology developed by D-Wave gets ongoing scientific debate, but it's also getting money, $28 million last week, bringing its total funding to about $150 million.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau15 July 14 20:08
  • Quantum rewrites the rules of computing

    Quantum computing holds huge promise, and scientists say it could eventually surpass classic supercomputers for tackling enormous calculations, like cryptography and finding planets. But there's debate over whether quantum computers truly exist. Google and NASA are testing one.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin18 March 14 10:38
  • IBM questions the performance of D-Wave's quantum computer

    Researchers at IBM and the University of California are questioning whether a closely watched experimental computer used by Google actually relies on quantum mechanics as its manufacturer, D-Wave, claims.

    Written by Joab Jackson04 Feb. 14 22:40